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Italpresse Gauss is a comprehensive supplier of light alloy casting equipment and automation solutions for three different die casting processes: high pressure, gravity and low pressure.

Italpresse Gauss builds machines and automatic work cells for the light alloy casting, mainly for the automotive industry, with a focus on excellence, technological innovation, quality and production flexibility.

The Company provides advanced solutions backed by 50 years of experience acquired worldwide and offers prompt and professional service to ensure optimum performance and durability of products, wherever they are.

Italpresse Gauss is committed to increasing its leadership position and worldwide presence, by providing cutting-edge technological solutions. Since its establishment in 1969, Italpresse Industrie has produced high-pressure machines and automatic work cells for the die casting of light alloys. It has been a technological leader in the industry since the 1970s with the introduction of foundry automation and with the development in 2005 of the two-platen machine.

Gauss Automazione, established in 1967, supplies work cells for gravity and low-pressure light alloy die casting, mainly for the automotive industry.

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