ItalPresseGauss’ Commitment to Sustainable Die Casting

ItalPresseGauss’ Commitment to Sustainable Die Casting

ItalPresseGauss is committed to sustainable die casting. Through how we act, what we do, and what we help customers achieve with the products and services we supply. We strive to make ‘better’ happen. For foundries, for us, and for the planet. 
Central to this commitment is an integrated quality, environment, health and safety management system designed, and independently certified, to ensure the continuous improvement of our own processes and performance in order to guarantee the satisfaction of all stakeholders - customers, employees and suppliers. 

Committed to Science Based Targets

On December 2021 Norican Executive team signed our commitment letter to Science Based Targets

"Our company is known for products and service excellence – it has been since it was formed over 50 years ago. It’s what our customers expect. Which is exactly why we put so much dedication into our processes. We don’t just want to think we deliver industry best practise; we want to know we do"

ItalPresseGauss CEO Mario Cincotta

Delivering Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction drives everything we do. That doesn’t begin and end with the high-quality die casting equipment, service solutions and digital innovations we supply. It also requires us to be the best company we can be, through the processes and systems we employ. 

Processes that mean we always have clear and transparent communication with customers. That we monitor and manage agreed KPIs to ensure contractual compliance. That we mitigate risk in everything we do for optimal customer outcomes – from how we work with suppliers to how we train, develop and protect our staff. 

At ItalPresseGauss, we eliminate waste and promote efficiency through LEAN working practices. All of which means we are in the best position to support and satisfy the die casting foundries we work with globally. 

Protecting the Environment

Our commitment to sustainable die casting means we do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. And we help customers to do the same. 

By closely and constantly monitoring energy and resource consumption, we identify opportunities to prevent pollution, reduce waste, promote efficiency and ensure all legal obligations for greener operations are met. 

Our die casting machines are designed to be both energy efficient and incredibly long lasting. Our comprehensive range of servicing and equipment upgrade solutions extends the product life cycle further still, maximizing ROI for customers and minimizing the need to replace equipment as often. Even how we provide servicing and maintenance is geared towards a greener today for a more sustainable tomorrow, with virtual and remote solutions delivering expert support without the carbon footprint of travel. 

Safeguarding our Employees

We’re all about die casting solutions that deliver the quality and flexibility our customers need to operate sustainably and successfully. Our people are key to this mission. 

Which is why we take their health and safety, and that of anyone visiting ItalPresseGauss, very seriously indeed. We have invested heavily in developing management, training, operational and reporting processes that identify and mitigate potential health and/or injury threats, and which promote employee engagement in proactive risk prevention. We also make sure the equipment we use, and the machines we develop, prioritise user safety.  

Through an open dialogue with our employees, customers and suppliers - and by continuously reviewing and enhancing the systems we have in place in lien with the very latest health and safety standards - we always put people first. 

We have produced a summary of the specific policies which form our commitment to sustainable die casting 
Download your copy, here