Say Hello to the TF5700


Meet the TF5700: Bigger Just Got Better 

 Big: The TF5700 has huge platens (3500 x 3500mm) and offers massive closing forces of up to 5700 tonnes – perfect for foundries looking to cast larger parts and structural components.

Lean:  Its impressive closing forces are matched by a clever, lean structural design which maximizes every inch of space for a much smaller footprint than you might expect from a machine with such ‘big’ benefits.

Smart: The TF5700 has ‘digital’ in its DNA. It doesn’t just look smarter. It is smarter. Fully digitally enabled, this latest addition to the Italpresse TF family of solutions is primed for advanced use of data and ready to connect with your specific systems – including of course our own digital products. In other words, it’s ready to help your foundry unlock new levels of productivity.

Introducing our largest Toggle Free diecasting machine
The TF5700