Customer Service without compromise

Our die casting solutions are built to last.

Our customer service offering is too.

Because we don’t think great service should stop when your Italpresse Gauss die casting machine starts. 

Our commitment to delivering ‘comfortable casting technology’ means we’re all about making ‘better’ easier for customers. Always. We’ll be at your side - remotely or in person - throughout the lifespan of your machine (which these services will optimise!) to help you increase uptime, improve productivity and cut your costs. Here’s how:

CARE: Specialist support and training

MAINTAIN: Servicing, reconditioning and parts

IMPROVE: Die Casting Equipment Upgrades  

Do you require replacement parts for your diecasting equipment?




With our new larger team of expert service technicians and strategically located warehouses, we can now deliver exactly the service machine owners need - reliably and efficiently.

Doug Engel, Service Manager, Norican Group (incorporating DISA, Italpresse Gauss, Norican Digital, StrikoWestofen, Wheelabrator), North America




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