Italpresse Gauss Commitment

Italpresse Gauss are committed to pursuing, at the heart of its activities, an integrated quality, environment, health and safety management system that is documented, aimed at ensuring the continuous improvement of processes and performance, as well as the satisfaction of all stakeholders, in particular customers, employees and suppliers, of the applicable requirements and of the regulatory provisions on the subject.

Customer Satisfaction

In order to pursue corporate efficiency, Italpresse Gauss uses its own strengths, especially the quality of the supplied products and services.

At the centre of everything we do is the essential driver customer satisfaction, we do this by offering and adapting the processes to their specific, implicit or explicit needs, and by reaching the targets agreed during the contractual phase.

The targets that Italpresse Gauss have set are:

  • Safety and development of employees
  • Satisfaction of stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers)
  • Compliance with the contractual commitments
  • Attention to the communication with the customer
  • Improvement of the corporate image and reputation on the market
  • Management of all processes and activities according to a managing system oriented to the concept of risk – base – thinking

Environment Commitment

Our main environmental protections actions include:

  • Commitment to protect the environment, preventing pollution, which can show up in different forms and can concern different environmental aspects, both direct and indirect
  • Monitoring and optimization of resources and energy consumption, by restricting the environmental impact of our activities
  • Observing all legal requirements and compliance obligations and all the subscribed requirements, by checking periodically what is in place and possible gaps to be filled
  • Continuing open communication with all concerned parties, including customers, internal colleagues, suppliers and any external relevant authorities
  • Development of environmental awareness through an approach based on the product life cycle while developing and executing our own activities
  • Adoption of the necessary measures to limit the occurrence of emergency conditions and of possible, consequent environmental impact.

Health & Safety

Italpresse Gauss management is committed to the health and safety of employees. it has identified the following targets and commitments:

  • Implementation of a managing system which is protecting the whole staff, internal and external, including possible visitors, with the goal of having no injuries / accidents
  • Prevention of accidents at work, occupational diseases and accidents by means of a continuing training of the employees and making available the necessary devices and procedures
  • Effective compliance with the requirements of the current legislation and with other requirements subscribed according to the dangers detected
  • Update, technically feasible, of the preventive and protective measures in connection with organizational and productive changes, which are relevant for the health and safety of the employees

For Italpresse Gauss it is of primary importance to raise awareness amongst all parties concerned, such as employees, partners, customers, suppliers, public authorities, trade associations and trade unions about the commitments of this Policy and to motivate the employees for developing at each level the sense of responsibility for their own health and safety, the ones of colleagues and third parties, also through training.

Italpresse Gauss promote dialogue and discussion with all the parties concerned, first with their own employees, who are called to cooperate and to report problems concerning OSH, and it keeps appropriate processes and instructions for participation to communicate the corporate performances in a transparent way.

The Management is involved in respecting and implementing these targets by assuring and verifying that the Policy is documented, made operative, kept active, periodically reviewed, spread to the all employees and made available to the concerned parties through the publication here on our website.


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