Die Casting Equipment Upgrades & Reconditioning

Machine upgrades and EMP benefits

We can modernise and upgrade your high pressure, gravity and low pressure die casting machines to:

  • Extend lifetime of your die casting equipment
  • Increase output capacity
  • Improve your efficiency 
  • Improve machine’s functionality 
  • Keep your die casting machine state-of-the-art

Upgrades and EMP services include:

  • Machine reconditioning service
  • Upgrades with latest features
  • Customised modernisation programme tailored specifically to your needs

Machine reconditioning service - back in prime condition

Our specialist team will revitalise your die casting machine, unlocking initial levels of production performance and extending production life.

Each reconditioning project is tailored to the specific die casting machine in line with your needs and can include multiple machines at a time to provide the best results for each manufacturing set-up.

Reconditioning is configured to make the most of the engineering and performance characteristics of Italpresse Gauss die casting machines which always feature compact design, solid structure, quality of materials and components, ease of use and reliable performance.

Benefits of the reconditioning service include:

  • ‘As new’ performance – increased production efficiency, output and profitability
  • Extended equipment lifetime – a cost effective alternative to buying new equipment
  • State-of-the-art electrical and hydraulic component upgrades
  • Implementation of HMe can help visualise process and critical machine data via a simple dashboard

Die casting machines last decades – which is a long time to wait if operational challenges occur or production needs change. Rather than waiting until you need a new machine, modernisation and upgrade programmes offered by Italpresse Gauss can take an existing machine, optimise its performance, and retrofit it with the latest innovations to make it truly state-of-the-art

Carlo Scalmana, President of Italpresse Gauss

Upgrades with latest features

We have introduced a range of new products to improve machine’s functionality and casting precision. The following innovations can be retrofitted onto existing die casting equipment:


Achieve energy savings of up to 50% with our energy efficient ECO-FIT solutions. ECO-FIT and ECO-FIT Plus can be integrated into the HPDC and GDC machines to regulate the hydraulic pumps to reduce energy consumption, reduce hydraulic fluid temperatures and reduce noise levels. Both solutions deliver instant benefits. In addition to lower energy consumption, they also include a reduction of the hydraulic fluid temperature and a lower noise level. Both ECO-FIT Mode and ECO-FIT Plus can be retrofitted on existing machines.

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A machine control system with advanced data management and diagnostics capabilities. HMe offers real-time storage and powerful analysis of machine and process data, as well as the integration of peripheral and mobile devices. It opens up the possibility of controlling the whole die casting process holistically through a single user interface.

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IP LV supervisor

A system designed by Italpresse Gauss software and electrical engineers to offer a simple solution to customers running equipment with the old supervisor system. IP LV system allows operators to supervise, monitor and control the tasks performed by the machine. The IP LV system is a cost efficient upgrade feature for older machines and does not require any machine downtime.

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Customized modernisation programmes

Our modernisation programmes are extremely flexible. We can offer customised equipment modernisation programmes which include customised software upgrades, cycle time optimization, cell automation integration, peripheral devices integration, modernisation to tackle changes in your production or implementation of new automation functions.

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