Servicing, re-conditioning and original spare parts

Our commitment to ongoing customer care doesn’t stop with great remote technical advice and assistance. Our field-based Customer Success teams can provide prompt onsite support to troubleshoot problems, modify software, install spare parts, upgrade your equipment and carry out many other customised services. 

Their expertise + a carefully developed suite of service solutions, re-conditioning services and original parts packages = a hassle-free way to MAINTAIN your ItalPresseGauss die casting equipment for ‘good as new’ performance, optimal efficiency and super productivity.


High-availability original spare parts

Worldwide availability

Our LEAN experts maintain spare parts warehouses around the world to ensure fast turn-arounds on parts requirements.

With distribution centres located in Italy, India, China, USA and Mexico, we guarantee fast delivery, local language technical support and original parts that safeguard true ItalPresseGauss performance. And remember, if you need us to install, we’ll be there. 

ItalPresseGauss Parts Agreement

Your parts, your plan

With an ItalPresseGauss Parts Agreement, you can gain even more control over your spare parts planning.

Our expert technicians prepare a solution tailored specifically to your casting operation comprising the most relevant original spare parts.

For these parts we guarantee the stated lead times and prices for the next 12 months. Faster parts, lower costs, guaranteed quality.

Spare parts installation support

Need help with the installation of spare parts?

Our global teams of qualified technicians can help you install spare and wear parts on ItalPresseGauss die casting machines, ensuring your equipment is up and running as soon as possible.

Service Maintenance Programs

Based on more than 50 years of experience and more than 4000 delivered machines our service package includes a tailored service plan for your needs with optional digital maintenance support.

For you this means:

Less machine downtime
Lower lifecycle costs
Easier planning of maintenance procedures
Different maintenance intervals based on digital solutions
Original supplier best practice maintenance solutions


Suitable maintenance is a determining factor for the machine long life along with efficient and optimal operating conditions.

The services packages are an exclusive customer inspection, service and maintenance programs for owners of ItalPresseGauss HPDC Machines:

  • Inspection check-up LIGHT
  • Inspection check-up FULL
  • Advanced Maintenance Package

Machine re-conditioning services


Our specialist team will revitalise your die casting machine, unlocking initial levels of production performance and extending production life.

Each reconditioning project is tailored to the specific die casting machine in line with your needs and can include multiple machines at a time to provide the best results for each manufacturing set-up.

Reconditioning is configured to make the most of the engineering and performance characteristics of ItalPresseGauss die casting machines which always feature compact design, solid structure, quality of materials and components, ease of use and reliable performance.

Benefits of the re-conditioning service include:

• ‘As new’ performance – increased production efficiency, output and profitability
• Extended equipment lifetime – a cost effective alternative to buying new equipment
• State-of-the-art electrical and hydraulic component upgrades
• Implementation of HMe can help visualise process and critical machine data via a simple dashboard


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