TF Smart series HPDC machines win aluminium innovation award

ItalPresseGauss has been awarded the METEF International Innovation Award for its ‘TF Smart series’ range of Toggle Free high pressure die casting machines.

During every METEF exhibition, the world-renowned Italian trade exhibition which champions technologies, solutions, and services within the aluminium supply chain, recognises technical innovations from around the world with its International Innovation Award.


Products and solutions proposed are judged on factors including originality and innovation, performance excellence, competitive advantage delivered, and for how they support the principles of energy saving, eco-sustainability and safeguarding of resources.


For the 2023 award, ItalPresseGauss has been among the winners with its TF Smart series range of HPDC machine.

“We are thrilled that the TF Smart series range has been recognised with this award. We are continually striving to develop machines and digital solutions that support our customers in meeting new targets, challenges and business objectives. As many of the die casters we serve around the world adapt to global shifts towards sustainable production and e-mobility, we are right at their side with innovation that delivers clear productivity and energy-efficiency benefits.”

Marco Gandini - Senior Vice President Global Aluminium at Norican Group and Managing Director of ItalPresseGuass

The range - fully digitally enabled for Industry 4.0 applications - is modular by design, making the machines highly configurable so that they can be more easily tailored to match the needs of each individual customer.


With closing forces ranging from 1,400 to 11,000 tons, 6 types of injection, and up to 2 closing unit options for every machine size, over 60 different combinations are available to die casters. The larger ‘giant’ machines in the range are also perfectly suited to cost-effectively casting bigger structural components in larger quantities as is increasingly required for EV manufacturing.


Supporting customers in their energy saving missions and with the foundry industry’s ‘green transition’, a key theme of this year’s METEF show, the machines are lighter in weight and use less energy to build and operate coming fitted with ItalPressGauss’ ECOFIT solution as standard.