Foundry Robotic Automation for Gravity Die Casting

IT Published

ItalPresseGauss has developed an automatic core preparation system for gravity die casting processes, integrating a 3D laser scanning system and robot to recognise, pick, examine and pass on the correct core from a mixed tray.

For users of gravity die casting equipment, this means reduced manual intervention of operators during the core setting phase as well as less need for auxiliary equipment such as supports.

Previously, an operator would position the core manually on a dedicated support, paying particular attention to the correct positioning of the core. With the new system, cores no longer need dedicated supports that would have to be built or bought especially. This, and the reduction of manual intervention, translates into cost and time savings in the production cycle.

How it works

Through a 3D scan, the system detects the type, position and orientation of the cores on the tray. The information is given to the robot that automatically orientates the gripper to pick the next core.

Where different castings are produced, and consequently different cores are needed, the system is able to recognise the right type of core and introduce it correctly into the production cycle.

During the core picking phase, the system also checks the integrity of the core. If it is intact, the core is passed on and positioned for the core setting operation; if it is defective, the robot automatically ejects the core from the production cycle and transports it to a waste unloading area.

The solution is part of ItalPresseGauss's Industry 4.0 efforts, providing cutting-edge systems ready for integration - to meet the needs of customers who are looking to use digital technology well to maintain their competitive edge.