Local heroes: ItalPresseGauss delivers its first Chinese-manufactured high pressure die casting machine

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ItalPresseGauss, a Norican technology, has delivered its first locally produced die-casting machine to Huicheng Foundry Ltd, an aluminium foundry based in Jinan City, Shandong province, China. The TF1850 two-platen, high-pressure die-casting machine was manufactured at Norican Group’s facility in Changzhou, China.

Bought as part of contract signed with Norican Group at GIFA in June 2019, the June 2020 delivery is another industry first for Jinan Huicheng Casting Co., Ltd. As well as the TF 1850, the foundry has procured the first TF 4400 and the first IPr3700t die-casting machines to be installed in China for a Chinese customer.

Rather than just selling die-casting machines, Italpresse is very focused on research and development, Its TF machine’s flexible die closure design is very special, along with its rapid, high force mold clamping and forged platens. Other suppliers use welded steel platens but we prefer forged ones.

Liu Yanling, President of Huicheng Foundry

A strategic investment in ItalPresseGauss’ innovative focus

The new equipment is a strategic investment for the foundry, which already owns dozens of die-casting machines producing a range of castings for automotive, rail, yachts, industrial machinery and other demanding applications. Huicheng wanted to improve its competitive advantage through greater quality and productivity, as well as expand its casting capacity for large structural parts.

Smaller footprint, higher quality, digital excellence

ItalPresseGauss’s TF (toggle free) range of high-pressure die-casting machines provide up to 5700 tons of clamping force. The absence of a toggle linkage gives a smaller machine footprint, greater rigidity and fewer wear parts for improved reliability and performance.

“I really like the design of these machines,” explained Liu. “ItalPresseGauss was the first company to introduce forged platens, making them – in my experience – virtually unbreakable. From the platens all the way through to superior control system designs, Italpresse technology will give us the highest accuracy and flexibility, which is a real competitive advantage. Access to Norican Group's digital R&D via Norican Digital Labs is an added benefit that will help us stay ahead in the digital space too.

Global assurance with a local touch – choosing region specific support

As the first high-pressure die-casting machine to come from Norican Group’s Changzhou workshop, Huicheng Foundry’s TF1850 is a milestone in ItalPresseGauss’s localization strategy. The company’s entire range of die-casting machines will eventually be produced at the facility.

Changzhou is also the Asia-Pacific region manufacturing and service center for ItalPresseGauss, helping it serve local customers better. The Norican China team, led by Wei Baohua, provides specialized services and equipment support for all four Norican technologies (DISA, ItalPresseGauss, Striko Westhofen and Wheelabrator).

Partnering Norican Group for future success

"Local service here in China is incredibly important to us and Mr Wei and his great team were a key selling point,” said Liu. “We’re proud to purchase the first domestic TF1850 and it’s an opportunity for us to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with Norican Group and its complete range of foundry equipment. We hope that we can work together with Norican to develop more and better solutions for the foundry market.”

“The die-casting industry is changing rapidly,” said Wei Baohua.“High-performance equipment from ItalPresseGauss, combined with innovative digital solutions from Norican Group, are designed to increase your foundry’s productivity, quality and profitability. Norican's goal is to always to make your company unbeatable.”

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