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Advanced technology in action: ItalPresseGauss and StrikoWestofen event focuses on the future of die casting.

ItalPresseGauss and StrikoWestofen recently joined forces to host a unique customer event in Hefei, China, demonstrating the huge potential of next-generation technology for producing large – but lightweight – automotive components.

Over 50 delegates representing more than 30 companies from across China took part in an event dedicated to building knowledge and fostering innovation. ItalPresseGauss and StrikoWestofen welcomed attendees eager to learn how the latest HPDC tools and techniques will help them better supply the surging market in electric vehicles (EVs).


The event combined a technical presentation with a panel discussion, followed by a visit to BYD's state-of-the-art Hefei facility on the next day. Key themes included enabling Giant Casting, in-cell melting and the drive for more sustainable processes

Made for giant components

The event kicked off with a briefing to bring attendees up to speed on what is now possible with the latest leaner, greener HPDC and melting equipment – and how it supports high-quality, energy-efficient casting perfectly aligned with the needs of a rapidly evolving automotive industry.


ItalPresseGauss’ modular TF Smart series range of Toggle Free HPDC machines took centre stage. These highly configurable machines are easily tailored to match the needs of each individual customer, offering faster deployment, greater value and simplified modification should production needs change. With closing forces ranging from 1,400 to 11,000 tons, over 60 different configurations are available to die casters.

Meet our Giants


Delegates also learnt about the benefits of StrikoWestofen’ s extremely flexible range for automotive. LeanMelter, a specially adapted StrikoMelter furnace for in-cell melting supports the high metal throughput needed for casting giant body-in-white parts, while holding and dosing furnace options such as the HBT 4000 and the Westomat 4300 Duo, are both ideally suited to handling the large volumes of aluminium needed for producing structural components.


Efficient, sustainable solutions for automotive

Next came a panel discussion chaired by Thomas Feng, VP Sales Norican OEM Aluminium Asia Pacific. Panellists considered how integrated die casting can transform the production of both automotive OEMs and parts manufacturers.

The most challenging topic of all was how to gradually reduce carbon consumption towards net zero. Here, the panel highlighted the vital role of digital in driving ongoing scrap, energy and cost reductions.

During the event, Norican customers shared their experience of optimizing their own HPDC processes with attendees.

“My heartfelt thanks go to BYD, all our customers who shared their experiences and everyone who attended this stimulating event. It's inspiring to see the fantastic results our customers are achieving with Norican’s new generation of aluminium casting technology. "It demonstrates exactly why we constantly innovate and evolve our solutions based on the needs of our customers and the markets they serve. Our modular TF range, in-cell melting, holding and dosing equipment, and suite of digital solutions are tailor-made to help our customers take full advantage of the opportunities in this fast-growing e-mobility and lightweighting sector."

Marco Gandini, Senior Vice President Global Aluminium at Norican Group

Bringing modular, digital die casting to life

Attendees were then able to see this cutting-edge technology in action during a visit to BYD's state-of-the-art Hefei facility where the company manufactures its best-selling EV model.


BYD operates the first-ever-installed modular TFs2800 die casting machine, fed by a StrikoWestofen Westomat furnace. They will soon be joined by several more TF HPDC machines and Westomats, which will predominantly be used to cast transmission front shells and rear shells for EVs.


Additional TF HPDC machines and Westomats will be delivered to BYD's Changsha facility later this year. Several Westomats are already in operation at plant which is also currently implementing the Monitizer | DISCOVER IIoT solution.