Going Strong: ItalPresseGauss Expands TF Series to 5600t

IT Published

ItalPresseGauss has added a new model to its popular TF series of high-end toggle-free die casting machines: the TF 5600, with a closing force of up to 5600 tonnes.

Since its invention in 2005, Italpresse’s toggle-free design has been adopted widely by the world's major automotive companies and equipment suppliers, thanks to its high performance, rigidity and reliability.

As Automotive continues its shift towards aluminium to reduce vehicle weight, fuel consumption and emissions, global demand for light alloy castings, particularly for structural and safety critical parts remains on the rise. With the new TF 5600, ItalPresseGauss supports this trend, responding to customer demands for ever more rigid and reliable light alloy die casting equipment.

The TF 5600 offers the same advantages as the rest of the TF series:

  • optimised use of space: smaller machine size compared to an IP series machine of the same closing force;
  • rigidity: the hydraulically applied closing force keeps the machine rigid, ensuring greater die closure and consequently a reduction in scrap production;
  • flexibility: with its ability to automatically adjust to pre-empt problems around die parallelism and thermal expansion, the machine adapts seamlessly to different working conditions;
  • efficient design: the machine’s neat and functional construction means it’s perfectly suited to working in demanding foundry environments.

The machine rigidity, the generous dimensions of the platens (3500mm x 3500mm for the TF 5600) and the auto-adjusting parallelism (which ensures the best performance of the vacuum system), all make the TF series particularly suited for the production of structural parts. 

Due to the TF series’ scalable design, ItalPresseGauss is able to go beyond the new TF 5600 model in future, and will design and customise even larger machine sizes to customer demand.