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Jinertai Precision Die Casting opens new workshop using ItalPresseGauss and StrikoWestofen technology

Jinertai Precision Die Casting has opened a new aluminium casting workshop at its base in Jinan City, Shandong province, China.
Equipment from two complementary Norican Group technologies forms the workshop’s heart: three ItalPresseGauss high-pressure die-casting machines and three Westomat dosing furnaces from StrikoWestofen.

Held on 9th December 2020, the workshop opening ceremony celebrated multiple industry firsts for Jinertai.

Its TF 4400 and IPr3700t die-casting machines are the first to be installed in China for a Chinese customer, while the closing force of the TF 4400-based automated die casting cell is the largest in Shandong Province and the highest that Italpresse Gauss has deployed in China so far.

Jinertai’s new TF1850 two-platen, high-pressure die-casting machine was the first to be manufactured at Norican Group’s facility in Changzhou, China.

Opening up new markets, raising quality and productivity

“I’m very grateful to Jinertai Precision Die Casting for the opportunity to work as partners in this important project and I’m also very proud of our Chinese and Italian staff who made this happen during a very challenging year,” said Peter Holm Larsen, President – Parts Formation at Norican Group who addressed the opening ceremony. “Despite the difficulties caused by Covid, they still managed to deliver, install and support the machines right on schedule. It demonstrates the strong collaboration between our many skilled technicians and engineers from both China and Italy who worked as a united team.”

The new equipment is a strategic investment for the foundry, which already owns dozens of die-casting machines producing a range of castings for automotive, rail, yachts, industrial machinery and other demanding applications. It will help Jinertai improve its competitive advantage through greater quality, capacity and productivity, with the TF 4400 opening up new markets for the company in large lightweight aluminium automotive and electronic components.

The high quality combination for aluminium casting

ItalPresseGauss’s TF (toggle free) range of high-pressure die-casting machines provide up to 5700 tons of clamping force. The absence of a toggle linkage gives a smaller machine footprint, greater rigidity and fewer wear parts for improved reliability and performance.

“I really like the design of these ItalPresseGauss machines. They are compact, rigid and combine high productivity with outstandingly consistent quality. The TF 4400’s footprint is similar to the IPr 3700’s which made it easy to fit into our facility. From forged platens all the way through to superior control systems and Norican Digital Labs’ Industry 4.0 solutions, Italpresse technology gives us the highest accuracy and flexibility, which is a real competitive advantage.”

Liu Yanling, General Manager of Jinertai Precision Die Casting.

The crucible-free Westomat Classic dosing furnace from StrikoWestofen is a clean, closed holding and dosing system for liquid aluminium. With unparalleled dosing accuracy, extreme energy efficiency, unrivalled uptime, and metal loss as low as 0.06%, this dosing furnace continues to be the industry’s preferred solution for aluminium casting.


Global support with local specialists

Jinertai’s new TF1850 is the first high-pressure die-casting machine to come from Norican Group’s Changzhou workshop where ItalPresseGauss’s entire range of die-casting machines will eventually be produced. The facility also hosts the Norican China team that provides specialized services and equipment support for all four Norican technologies (DISA, ItalPresseGauss, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator).
"Local service here in China is incredibly important to us,” said Liu. “We’re proud to purchase the first domestic TF1850 and it’s an opportunity for us to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with Norican Group and its complete range of foundry equipment. We hope that we can work together with Norican to develop more and better solutions for the foundry market.”

“Our strategy is to move closer to our Chinese customers. Not only by manufacturing equipment in China but also by offering services that include digital and IIoT. The locally made TF1850 is the first of many to come.”

Peter Holm Larsen, President - Parts Formation Norican Group