Supporting Aluminium Die Casting Manufacturers In China

IT Published

ItalPresseGauss is set to manufacture gravity die casting equipment in China for the domestic market.

ItalPresseGauss has been active in the Chinese market for a long time, supplying turnkey solutions to a number of customers. Applications covered include, for example for Gauss’ customers, the production of knuckles and cylinder heads. Demand has come both from Chinese customers and from European customers with production facilities in China.

ItalPresseGauss’ gravity die casting equipment manufactured in China will be delivered to a customer specialising in the production of aluminium components for the automotive industry.
Having supplied the customer’s plants with gravity casting equipment and automation since the 1990s, for locations around the globe, ItalPresseGauss has now been chosen for the customer’s new project in China. 

Large sections of the commissioned gravity die casting line will be produced in China. The trusted engineering and design expertise from Capriano del Colle will continue to be applied by the local expert team of technicians and engineers.

Manufacturing in China for the domestic market is a new challenge for ItalPresseGauss, made possible by the global footprint of the Norican Group which has an established organisational and logistics branch in Changzhou.

The location of the Norican facilities in China will be a great advantage in terms of support, assistance, speed and economy for the customer.

To further strengthen its presence in China, ItalPresseGauss is attending three trade fairs in China for 2018:

  • 9th Suzhou International Die Casting Expo from 22nd to 25th March
  • Metal + Metallurgy China of 16th to 19th May
  • China Diecasting from 18th to 20th July