Gauss Automazione celebrates 50 years of success

IT Published

Technology and innovation have been the foundation of Gauss Automazione's story of success in casting cells since its inception in 1967 to the present day. It’s a story of fruitful collaborations with customers, developed and nurtured over the years and deepened with every new installation.

Performance and a global outlook are the shared values that have driven the success of Gauss and its customers, in Italy and around the world. 

During its 50 years of success, Gauss Automazione has worked continuously to introduce advanced technology and innovation into its customers’ businesses, with a special focus on R&D, product quality, health & safety and the environment. 

Over the years, the company has supplied and installed ever more flexible and efficient casting cells, supplementing the core aluminium casting operation with adjacent processes and equipment. The first step was to introduce robots to eject the casting, followed by extraction systems, operator safety equipment and improved flexibility in production. More recently, the company has developed new cutting technologies, automatic die cleaning systems and automated methods for inserting the filter into the die. 

The introduction of a new machine control system designed by Gauss Automazione, which provides complete, real-time information about the status and operation of the plant, has widened Gauss’s range of solutions and has proven critical to fine-tuning processes, preventing failures and simplifying operating procedures. 

Gauss Automazione's experience, fuelled by a constant dialogue between technicians, designers and customers, has turned the company's casting cells into fully-fledged production units in a turn-key production system.