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Digital technologies are changing our industries at a never-before-seen pace. New solutions are emerging all the time – waiting to be explored. To keep step with these developments and quickly apply new technology to our technical process challenges, it often makes sense to partner up.

Over the past couple of years, ItalPresseGauss has forged successful partnerships to accelerate the development of digital solutions. Now a new, promising partner has entered the stage. But first, a quick look back at collaborations so far.

The driving force behind ItalPresseGauss’ digital efforts is a desire to help foundries reach their full potential by embracing connectivity, mobility and data. An early example of this is the 2014 project with Wonderware, a leading global industrial software brand from Schneider Electric, to develop HMe – ItalPresseGauss’ machine control system with advanced data management and diagnostics capabilities.

Following this initial collaboration with Schneider Electric, the partnership continued, integrating further partner technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, the Skype for Business platform, HoloLens, Wonderware’s Intouch platform and AVEVA Augmented and Virtual Reality software.

All this culminated in the launch of the AMe , the augmented reality app that enables maintenance workers to trouble-shoot via a live video connection with an ItalPresseGauss expert. It also enables them to access drawings and machine documentation and to follow maintenance guides on screen – all via a tablet.

The success of the AMe solution prompted Microsoft to feature ItalPresseGauss as a digital disruptor in its partnership video “Manufacturing the future: Insights from digital leaders”.

Andrea Pezzoli, VP Product Development & Engineering of ItalPresseGauss said: “Our work with Microsoft and Schneider Electric has created fantastic products in HMe and AMe. It’s shown the benefits of partnering, but it has also sharpened our digital expertise and created a wealth of knowledge. When you pair this with the fantastic things our colleagues at DISA, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator are doing, the potential that Norican Group is collectively unlocking for customers becomes incredible. The technical context differs, but the digital technologies are often the same.”

“This month’s launch of Norican Digital continues, intensifies and formalises this successful pattern of digital partnerships across Norican Group, pooling resources and encouraging fast yet sensible adoption of digital technologies. It will be a new partner for ItalPresseGauss and a powerful catalyst for digital transformation for our customers.”

Manufacturing the future: Insights from digital leaders

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