Machine fixed via tablet: meet the new AMe remote assistant for service and maintenance

IT Published

ItalPresseGauss has teamed up with industrial software expert Wonderware (Schneider Electric Group) to develop a powerful app for live remote maintenance and service assistance for users of its high-performance light metal casting solutions.

The AMe interactive assistant, first shown at Metef 2017 in Verona, boosts maintenance efficiency and speed of trouble-shooting by enabling maintenance workers to establish a live video connection with an ItalPresseGauss expert, access drawings and machine documentation, and follow maintenance guides on screen - all via a tablet. 

Making this technology available on a mobile device means workers can use it directly at the machine. Shared video allows both ItalPresseGauss experts and the maintenance workers to then look at the machine together and identify faults faster. Augmented and virtual reality enable staff in-situ to access guided maintenance protocols that show the whole machine in 3D, along with step-by-step instructions and detailed parts inventory. 

Pointing the camera at a specific machine part will automatically call up all relevant maintenance documentation and detailed guides, saving time and ensuring flawless and effective maintenance.

The AMe interactive maintenance assistant taps into ItalPresseGauss’s HMe machine monitoring and control system, which was also developed in partnership with Wonderware and enables powerful diagnostics and advanced process control. Both AMe and HMe were designed to provide actionable information quickly and in a user-friendly format - ultimately to cut down non-productive time and keep vital machines running at optimum performance levels. The developments are part of a wider effort at Norican Group to connect man and machine, equipment and processes in the spirit of Industry 4.0. 

The new AMe remote assistant

Watch this video to see the AMe assistant in action