Manufacturing Automation Cells for Casting

Turnkey Fully Automated Cells

Key Benefits

Flexible automated solutions from simple to very complex configurations

Solutions tailored exactly to your needs

3D simulation of cycle times for the ultimate cycle time optimisation

In-house automation engineering

Key features

From simple to complex integration: we offer flexible, fully automated work cells for light alloy casting production that integrate peripheral devices, from the furnace to automatic deburring. No solution is too simple - we can engineer solutions from very simple configurations to very complex automated cells.

One comfortable supplier for the entire cell: Italpresse Gauss delivers turnkey solutions for a part or the entire cell and ensures efficient implementation. Our technology know-how and experience in the die casting industry means you can leave your project in our safe hands. 

Tailored solutions to suit your exact needs: we work with you to create the perfect layout for the reliable integration of an automated working cycle.


We engineer automated work cells for three die casting processes: high pressure die casting, gravity die casting and low pressure die casting. 

Automated light alloy casting cells are used in many industries from the most sophisticated sectors, such as automotive, to more standard applications, with castings ranging from lighting components to kitchen tools.

Our automated cells for automotive customers were designed for the production of engine blocks and mid to large light alloy parts, such as steering boxes, transmission cases, oil sumps, crankcases and clutch housings.

Modular and flexible

Our automated work cells are fully flexible. Their modular design allows major components to be configured to your specific needs.

Expert in-house automation engineering

We have been engineering automated solutions for aluminium foundries since 1975. Our teams of specialised engineers design the automation process of the cell to ensure the best cell configuration, and to achieve the best cycle time optimisation.

Quality cell = quality casting

Optimised and lean integration is key to ensuring a high quality of castings. Our technology know-how and in-house process optimisation enable us to design highly stable and efficient cells for the production of high quality light alloy castings. 

3D simulation for the ultimate cycle time optimisation

At your request, we can carry out 3D simulations to completely evaluate the project and provide an in-depth analysis of the cycle time. 3D simulations also help to ensure the cell operates in accordance with your production process requirements.

State-of-the-art hardware supported by advanced software

Our specialised software engineers support the project at every step of the cell implementation process, from the feasibility study to commisioning at your site; providing custom software, modifications, data storage and analysis, and offering the complete flexibility to ensure that all devices integrate as you want, and that the production cycle flows exactly as you need it to.


The control system is tailored to your needs. It is based on a standard Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC with software specifically designed for die casting. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to operate and upgrade as it is made of standard control components that offer reliability and availability of supply.

Turnkey Fully Automated Cells Process

Solutions designed to suit your specific needs. Click on the + icon to see which automation process is available for high pressure, gravity and low pressure die casting. 
  HPDC (high pressure die casting)  GDC (gravity die casting) LPDC (low pressure die casting)

Automatic Core Assembly

Core Setting  

Insert Handling



Integrity Control Check

Lubrication / Talcing

Marking and Marking Check

Pre Decoring

Cooling (Air / Water)



Deburring / Trimming / Handling

High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) Automated Cells

HPDC fully automated turnkey solutions can be supplied with either our TF two platen toggle free die casting machine or IP three platen die casting machine with toggle. Both ranges offer rock-steady, rigid and solid performance ensuring uptime and consistent production.

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Gravity Die Casting (GDC) Automated Cells

We have tonnes of experience in the development and engineering of highly productive gravity technology for different dies. Our fully automated gravity solutions are available in 3 layouts: carousel, linear cell or flexible cell.

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Watch the gravity die casting carousel video

Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC) Automated Cells

Our low pressure die casting automated cells are supplied with high quality LPG machines available with large platen and large furnace dimensions for multiple cavity dies. 

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