Expert upgrades and equipment modernisation

We have digital solutions, automation services and a range of equipment modernisation programmes (EMPs) that IMPROVE the technical capabilities of your machines and teams.

The servicing and maintenance support you receive as an ItalPresseGauss customer means ‘good as new’ performance is a life-long reality for your high pressure, gravity and low pressure die casting machines. But we don’t stop there. With our range of cutting-edge digital solutions, automation services and equipment modernisation programmes (EMPs) at your disposal, we can also support you in continuously improving your die casting set up. 

From delivering one specific solution to implementing a suite of modernisations as a package customised to your exact needs, we can help you tailor software, optimise cycle times, automate key processes and integrate a wide variety of technologies to make ‘better’ happen.

What’s more, we make it easy. 

Equipment upgrade and modernisation

We have a range of new products which can be cost-efficiently retrofitted to improve your machine’s functionality, efficiency and casting precision. For example, our ECO-FIT solutions can be fitted to your current HPDC and GDC machines to regulate the hydraulic pumps and reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. Similarly, our System IP LV  helps customers supervise, monitor and control tasks on their old die casting machines that would otherwise be impossible. 

What is IP LV

Want to unlock new casting and equipment performance analysis capabilities in your old, trusted die casting machine? Without the lengthy downtime and expense of installing a new PLC? With System IP LV, you can. This upgrade solution enables onsite, and remote, access to a broader range of real time data/parameter monitoring, injection curve analysis, and task controls. It also enables troubleshooting based on live information

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Digital Services

With a real-time, data-driven view of your foundry, you will find it easier to troubleshoot problems, run predictive maintenance and see where to make process improvements. To build that digital view, you need structured, timestamped data and a platform to collect, merge and analyse your data. Our Monitizer suite of solutions helps you do exactly this. 
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Depending on your production set up and the parts you produce, we tailor the best automation solution for your needs, from implementing one or two new automation features to uniting your existing die casting machines and peripheral devices in one fully automated cell

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