TF Toggle Free HPDC Machines

TF Toggle Free Die Casting Machines

Key Benefits

Absolute casting consistency and repeatability

Reduced scrap rates

Easy to set up and operate with low maintenance, high uptime

Powerful closing forces in less space

Key features

  • Closing forces between 1000 to 6100 tonnes
  • Fully digitally enabled for IIoT connectivity
  • Fast, precise SC 3.o shot end system with real time injection control
  • Automatic adapting to the die/imperfection compensation


Toggle free high pressure die casting machines are ideal for a diverse complex casting production and when the die is frequently changed. Some applications include:

Automotive parts: Engine blocks, gearboxes, oil sumps, engine support, structural parts (battery housing, car roof, shot tower, pillars).

Other industries: Radiators for household heating, escalator steps, chassis and components for electronic devices, telecommunication components, household appliances, electric motors

A solid approach to scrap reduction

What happens when you combine a rigidly constructed closing unit, the hardest certified alloy steel platens in the industry, well equalized tie bar loads, massive closing forces, and a hydraulic locking system able to compensate for any geometrical imperfections of the die or thermal expansions?

Rock-steady production, minimized die distortion and low scrap rates. 

Read here how MOPS PRESS sees scrap rates drop with TF

Powerful shot precision for ultimate repeatability

All our TF machines feature a SC 3.o shot end system with real time injection control. The shot control software reacts quickly to real-time data on melt flow into the die, adjusting the speed of the piston as required to guarantee uniform casting quality.

The system also uses flexible pipes to avoid breakages under high pressure and is designed to offer easy access to parts that require maintenance, ensuring leaner maintenance processes and increased machine uptime.

Take a look at the TF datasheet

Digitally enabled to deliver more benefits

Want our expert engineering team to remotely examine your machine’s control system, install an upgrade, or take a look at a real-time video stream of a technical issue? No problem.Our machines are digitally enabled to support this.

Additionally, all our new machines come installed with Norigate, gateway technology that can, , once activated, collect, timestamp, and encrypts data from any machine it is connected to before sending it to the cloud. Together with our Monitizer solutions suite, this unlocks a range of process optimizing capabilities to help you reduce scrap, improve productivity and increase profit. 

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