A Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC) machine or fully automated cell tailored to your needs, will always deliver the best results using the fewest resources. So that’s what we offer. For die casters of any size.

Whether you’re casting complex parts for automotive, intricate electrical components, or aluminium elements for consumer goods, with ItalPresseGauss you get optimised process efficiency for your production set-up. As standard. 


Why choose Low Pressure Die Casting?


Superior Surface Finish:

excellent surface quality, minimizing defects directly from the mold.



Reduced Porosity:

minimized gas porosity, enhancing mechanical properties and reducing defects.




Complex Geometries:

casting intricate shapes and thin-walled parts, ideal for intricate designs.




Dimensional Accuracy:

tight dimensional tolerances, delivering consistent and precise components.


Lower Tooling Costs:

reduced tooling expenses, offering cost-efficiency in mold production and longevity.


With ItalPresseGauss, gain all the general advantages of LPDC with a tailored solution designed to help you:


  • Produce the most parts in the least time
    With equipment that supports multi-cavity dies for increased production capacity in a single casting cycle.

  • Optimize workflows and reduce downtime
    With options like titling furnaces on tracking for easy of transfer and positioning, and cooling systems with improved efficiency and reduced maintenance needs.  

  • Improve operator safety 
    Through robotic casting removal and ergonomic equipment designed to minimise physical strain on operators

Automatic advantages

As one of the only die casting equipment suppliers with in-house automation expertise, we can design, install, test, and maintain a fully automated solution integrating any or all of your devices and processes. From core preparation to extraction and finishing.

Reduce scrap, improve productivity and increase profit with Monitizer

Light-alloy wheel manufacturer + Monitizer = 29% reduction in scrap

You don’t have to be an expert in maths to know that sums like these are good for business. With our Monitizer solutions for LPDC, you don’t have to be an expert in data either. 

We have digital solutions that unlock process improvement for Low Pressure Die Casting.

Read the case study here

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