Die Casting solutions for the Automotive Industry

Flexible machines used by automotive manufacturers and OEM suppliers

Larger and lighter: structural components for EV

For electric vehicles (EVs) – whether hybrid, plug-in hybrid electric, or fully electric – reducing weight is a key priority. Replacing heavy, multi-component parts with larger and lighter ‘single-piece’ aluminium or magnesium castings, provides a perfect solution. In fact, the strength and integrity delivered by high quality light alloy cast parts can, in many cases, reduce vehicle weight by up to 40% without any impact on safety performance.

Our TFs High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) machines, available stand-alone machines or as part of an automated cell, are particularly well suited to producing structural castings for EV.

Modular options mean you can tailor your machine to perfectly match specific alloy and application characteristics e.g. complex structure/thin walls.

All of which deliver the stability, repeatability and consistent quality needed for EV-ready castings ranging from chassis, shock towers and internal panels to battery housings and even batteries themselves.

BMW: a spotlight on ‘single-piece’ casting

Perfectly demonstrating the benefits of giant Toggle Free HPDC machines for large parts, BMW re-designed a 16-piece crash relevant battery housing and cast it as a single, lightweight aluminium part using one of our TF giants. 

As well as being more economical to produce, the part’s performance is everything you would expect from BMW - all of which helped it to awards success at the EUROGUSS 2022 European Die Casting Competition. 

Other automotive light alloy components

Light alloy engine blocks

The flexibility of our die casting machines and automated cells solutions means we are able to support whatever engine block application you may need, including: lubrication with dedicated head, a single robot or two robots, deburring die or saw for the automatic removal of the sprue, loading and handling of inserts (cold or pre heated,) secondary or ancillary processing (heat treatment, sanding, deburring), and expertise with die makers to optimise the cycle time and die design.

Whether your focus is EV or Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, and whether your metal is aluminium or magnesium, our machines can also help you cast a wide variety of other components including gearboxes, clutch housing, suspension arms, brake calipers, steering knuckles and steering boxes.

Die Casting Applications in other Industry

Radiators for household heating, Escalator steps, Chassis and components for electronic devices, Telecommunication components, Household appliances.