IP HPDC Machines with Toggle

from 200t to 1650t

IP Three Platen Die Casting Machines with Toggle

Key Benefits

Three platen machine with toggle

Solid performances

SC 3.0 shot end system for absolute injection precision and speed

Proven technology since the 1970s

Solid performance, high productivity

That’s what you get with our IP machines.

Featuring specially coated forged steel platens and steel alloy tie bars for supreme rigidity and precise die closure, and with models (from 750t) equipped with our SC 3.0 shot end system for absolute casting consistency, these toggle machines deliver high productivity cycle times with less scrap. 


Suitable for applications requiring closing forces under 1,650 tonnes including:

  • Automotive Parts
  • Other Industries: Radiators for household heating, escalator steps, chassis and components for electronic devices, telecommunication components, household appliances, electric motors.

IP HPDC Machines with Toggle

Fully automated options 

All models are available as stand-alone machines or as part of a fully automated cell that integrates peripheral devices, from furnace to finishing.


Simple control, smart support 

Easy to operate with precision, our three platen machines also come equipped with HMe, a special control solution that allows you to collect data from die casting equipment, then visualise it to understand processes and inform improvements. 

Absolute injection precision 

With all models over 750 tonnes equipped with the SC 3.0 shot end, you are guaranteed consistency and repeatability in the different shot stages. The result? Uniform casting quality as standard. 


Minimal maintenance

Designed to reduce wear and provide easy access to essential parts, every aspect of these machines – from closing unit to shot system - requires minimal maintenance for optimal uptime. 



Take a look at the IP datasheet

We require die casting machines with high performance and stability. To meet this requirement, we chose ItalPresseGauss high pressure die casting machines. In terms of processing stability, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and product yield, we have been extremely satisfied. We are incredibly impressed with the quality of ItalPresseGauss equipment and are very satisfied with its performance. Communication is clear and the service quality is also good, so we are confident in their equipment. This is why we choose ItalPresseGauss.

Mr. Jipeng Jia, Production Director at DGS (China) Co., Ltd

Need closing forces higher than 1.400 tonnes?

No problem. Our TFs range of High Pressure Die Casting machines, with closing forces up to 11,000 tonnes, may be just what you are looking for.

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