Robotic Automation Equipment and Tools for Foundries

Pouring Technologies

Key Benefits

Automatic pouring

Optimised cycle times

Reduced time of metal transfer from the furnace to the machine

Reduced metal temperature loss


  • Linear or rotary metal ladles
  • 7 axis robot for even more accurate pouring, especially with larger doses of metal

Pouring Technologies Include

  • Metal Loader Type CAM CL
  • Metal Loader Type CAM VS
  • Pouring Robot

Metal Loader Type CAM CL

Technology, quality and production flexibility

  • 3 movements: horizontal, upward/downward, cup rotation
  • Overall reduced dimensions thanks to the solid and compact frame
  • Less parts exposed to wear and deterioration
  • The translation upstroke/downstroke axes slide on linear guides
  • Asynchronous motors control the three axis with absolute encoders
  • The metal loader is controlled by a PLC
  • The loader can be placed on the operator or on the opposite side
  • The loader can be installed with a swinging support on the shot-end frame, or with a supporting leg located on the furnace side or in the middle, between the furnace and the machine.
  • Easy to program the different parameters with an HMI touch screen

Metal Loader Type CAM VS

The CAM VS is provided with a 2 axis structure (main arm rotation axis and the loader rotation axis), and an intermediate articulation.

The OTT version is suitable for brass alloys while the ALL version for the aluminum alloys.

Pouring Robot

A precise and flexible solution at the forefront of technology, with all the flexibility and the movement of an anthropomorphic robot, adding the 7th axis for the movement of the ladle cup.

The seventh axis allows:

  • An interpolation of the trajectory to keep constant the position of the ladle cup tip versus the shot sleeve
  • An easier entrance and movement of the ladle cup into the shot end adjusting block
  • An optimal metal draw from the furnace

The robot allows regular movements and additional operations such as:

  • To a blowing/cleaning device for the ladle cup
  • To change the gripper in case of different castings and metal quantity