Meet our GIANTS!

Watch our GIANT TFs machine in action

ItalPresseGauss offers HPDC machines with some of the biggest closing forces and platen sizes on the market. We call these our ‘Giants’. Ideal for casting larger components and structural parts, these digitally-enabled High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) machines are designed to use their power to deliver perfect castings time and time again.

Perfectly demonstrating the benefits of giant Toggle Free HPDC machines for large parts, BMW re-designed a 16-piece crash relevant battery housing and cast it as a single, lightweight aluminium part.

As well as being more economical to produce, the part’s performance is everything you would expect from BMW - all of which helped it to awards success at the EUROGUSS 2022 European Die Casting Competition. 

Giant in Perfomances …. small in footprint

Machines that fit your foundry 

Size matters - big doesn’t have to mean bulky. Our GIANTS are able to match and even exceed the closing forces of many 3 platen machines, but with a smaller footprint, they maximize every inch of space – perfect for foundries looking to optimize their layout for productivity. 

Smart as standard – fully digitally enabled. Like all our new HPDC machines, the TF GIANTS are ‘digital native’.  Which means it comes ready to connect to the cloud, to other equipment, to software platforms such as Monitizer, and ready to connect you directly with ItalPresseGauss engineers to support your maintenance, upgrade or troubleshooting requirements. Essentially, it is ready to become part of your digital journey, wherever you may be in that process. 

Mr Xu Yinglong

Chairman of Jiangzhong

“The future of our company depends on advanced, smart and digitally-enabled equipment. The TF5700 will help us with larger parts for our traditional escalator market and will also open up new markets for us in producing large structural parts for automotive or even high speed railway. This is a big opportunity. We are seeing a 25% increase in our annual output, so we expect the new machine to help us maintain or exceed our current growth rate.” 

Read the full Jiangzhong article here

Forces that fit the future of casting  

The impact of e-mobility across automotive coupled with shifting trends in both industrial and communications technology mean one thing. Demand for large, lightweight, structural aluminium parts is increasing. What’s more, demand is now often for such parts ‘at volume’. 

To leverage the opportunity ahead, die casters need something different. A way to cost-effectively fulfil demand for bigger structural components, in larger quantities. Efficiently and reliably. 

We’ve ensured that configuration options for our TF range of Toggle Free HPDC machines deliver the casting benefits you need to capitalise on the ‘large structural part’ casting evolution currently taking place. 

Thanks to our unique modular design, choose from GIANT options including:  

Closing forces from 5,700  up to 11000 tonnes 
2 different tie bar distances for each model tailoring your mechanism 
 3 different injection forces (up to 5265 KN/stroke) to match yours casting needs


Tour an installed TF5700 to see how it works