Die casting for other industries

We supply die casting machines and automated cells for the light alloy casting production in various industries. Light alloy die casting has a wide variety of applications which include:

  • Radiators for household heating
  • Escalator steps
  • Chassis and components for electronic devices
  • Telecommunication components
  • Household appliances
  • Electric motors

Our die casting solutions:

IP & IPr Three Platen Die Casting Machines with Toggle

The IP and IPr three platen die casting machines with toggle are available with closing forces ranging from 550 to 4400 tonnes. Our IP and IPr die casting machines are solid, reliable and ensure high productivity cycle times.

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TF Two Platen Toggle Free Die Casting Machines

The TF series of toggle free die casting machines includes a wide range of models with closing forces from 1000 to 5700 tonnes. Our TF toggle free die casting machines are reliable, rigid and flexible.

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Automation cells for die casting

Flexible, fully automated work cells for light alloy casting production. We engineer automated work cells for three die casting processes: high pressure die casting, gravity die casting and low pressure die casting.

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Gravity die casting machines and cells

Integrated solutions for the gravity foundry, with complete flexibility and customization, from design to technical support during production.

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Digital Solutions and Innovation

Unlock Industry 4.0 possibilities. From a powerful, next-generation control system for our high-end die casting equipment to augmented reality app and energy saving solutions.

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