Wang Yousheng is an engineer who has spent more than 30 years in hands-on, high-level engineering roles overseeing the procurement, use, maintenance and repair of die casting machinery. Here he outlines the key reasons he became a major advocate of Italpresse Gauss equipment.

The benefits of experience: 5 reasons why I advocate Italpresse equipment

As an engineer, I am privileged to have spent my whole career working in Chinese foundries, most recently as an electrical engineer at Pierburg, a Shanghai-based specialist supplier to the automotive market. Over the years, I have witnessed the Chinese metal casting industry’s volume output and technical sophistication grow exponentially.

For me, nothing has been more central to this success than die casting machinery. I’ve worked with many types of die casting machines from leading manufacturers, developing intimate knowledge of their hydraulics, electrical components and other critical subsystems. It’s this detailed experience that makes me such a huge advocate of Italpresse Gauss equipment. I’ve seen these machines’ quality and performance proven time after time.

1. Exemplary construction

I first visited Italpresse in Italy 30 years ago with Pierburg and it immediately became clear to me why the machines are such high quality. Due to rigorous internal quality and testing processes, once the machine is built, there is no deformation and cracking of internal parts, so its operation stays precise and repeatable for a very long time. Low friction maintains the fast speeds of the injection phase while keeping pressure constant. This prolongs the life of the piston seal ring and ensures the repeatability of the machine. 

2. Supreme programming and control

The PLC programming of Italpresse Gauss machinery puts the safety of operators, equipment and moulds first but retains simplicity of use. Despite the sophisticated technology that underpins Italpresse Gauss control systems – operators should always find them easy to use.


3. Closed loop hydraulic control

As casting structures become more and more complex, they place ever greater demands on machinery. Closed-loop hydraulic control helps machinery achieve the required precision. However, proportional control valves need top quality hydraulic oil, and that oil must remain clean. Italpresse Gauss machines have a filter in the control circuit just before the oil reaches the proportional valves. By keeping the hydraulic oil clean, this filter gives the injection cylinder a much longer life

4. Technical excellence

Italpresse Gauss field engineers have extremely high technical literacy and a lot of experience, helping them to troubleshoot faults quickly and set the machine up optimally for each process. Technical experts at Italpresse Gauss are also highly proficient at training customers to understand the technology and inner workings of the machine, such as electrics. By giving customers deeper understanding, they can operate the machine properly. Failures caused by incorrect machine use are common in China, shortening service life and harming repeatability. 

5. Hydraulics expertise

Hydraulic fluid is as vital for die casting machinery as blood is for humans. Italpresse Gauss always asks its customers which type of hydraulic fluid they want and then build their machine with compatible seals – and the type of fluid clearly marked on that machine’s operating instructions. This helps to avoid mixing hydraulic fluid types which can shorten seal life and cause faults in the valve. Furthermore, if hydraulic fluid is not clean enough, high quality and delicate proportioning valves can be blocked and damaged. Italpresse Gauss therefore advises customers to choose good quality hydraulic fluid, ensure that its tank is cleaned once a year. The company also recommends that machines are calibrated annually to ensure injection alignment and platen parallelism.