Aluminium Gravity Die Casting Machines

Gravity Die Casting Machines

Key Benefits

High productivity

High flexibility

High quality

Customizable number of dies per machine

Key features

Choose from the range of gravity die casting machines which include: 

  • Die horizontal opening machines
  • Die vertical opening machines
  • 0/90° tilting machine controlled by hydraulic servo-valve, GT CAST-ID series
  • 0/120° tilting machine controlled by servomotor, GT CAST-EL series

Our gravity die casting machines offer: 

  • Various plate sizes (up to 1200x200)
  • Customizable number of dies per machine

Our gravity die casting machines can be supplied as fully automated solutions in three layouts: carousel, linear cell or flexible cell. The gravity die casting cells can be fully automated with ItalPresseGauss gantries or anthropomorphic robots and supplied with pre-finishing devices.


Gravity die casting machines are ideal for diverse complex aluminium casting production of automotive parts such as: turbos, brake calipers, knuckles, engine cylinder heads, engine blocks and pistons. It suits many other industries too, from lighting components to kitchen tools.

Our gravity die casting machines are ideal for:

  • high volume production set-ups
  • small to medium volume producers who are investment conscious
  • light alloy castings production of parts with excellent mechanical properties
  • production of parts with complex shapes thanks to the ability of placing sand cores within the mould.

Since 1967, we have been developing gravity die casting machines to suit all kinds of production requirements. We have tonnes of experience in the development and engineering of highly productive gravity machines for different dies. Our machines can be supplied separately or as a fully automated solution in a carousel, linear or flexible cell layout.


  • Ideal for high volume production
  • From 2 to 10 gravity die casting machines
  • Turn-table: from 3m to 12m
  • Payload: from 2 tons to 90 tons
  • Fully automated solution tailored to your production needs
More detail about the Carousel solution

Linear Cell

  • Ideal for medium volume production
  • From 2 to 6 gravity die casting machines
  • Total length up to 24m
  • Offers higher flexibility in production change
More detail about the Linear Cell solution

Flexible Cell

  • Ideal for medium and low volume production
  • From 1 to 2 gravity die casting machines
  • Offers maximum flexibility in production change
More detail about the Flexible Cell solution

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