AMe: A powerful app for live remote maintenance and service assistance.

How does AMe work?

  • Once the user’s tablet frames the section of the machine that requires assistance, the user can request a video call and will receive a step-by-step guidance from the ItalPresseGauss service expert.

  • The user can also frame the component which requires maintenance to access all the maintenance documentation, available in 3D and PDF, and to view the step-by-step maintenance procedures in Augmented Reality.

Watch the video to see how AMe works

AMe application can be installed on Windows mobile devices and offers:

Realtime information

  • Browsing of the virtual shape of the machine with added realtime information coming from HMe and easy access to component documentation
  • Virtual 3d shape of the machine is available for an interactive experience which allows you to discover where components are located and shows important working and maintenance real time information; from 3d view is also possible obtain easy access to component manuals and documentation.


  • Interconnectivity with HMe alarm list, easy guide for the operator to the component that generate the alarm and interactive connection with troubleshooting documentation
  • Active alarms are detected from HMe via WiFi connection and highlighted on the component in virtual reality.

Maintenance guides

  • Interconnectivity with HMe maintenance log and easy guide for the operator to fullfill the requested maintenances with augmented reality and virtual reality features
  • Requested maintenances are detected from HMe connection via WiFi and highlighted on the component in virtual reality in AMe. Maintenance operations are guided through step-by-step augmented reality procedures that overlap instructions images on reality images.

Video Support

  • Remote video interactive assistance
  • Video call is available through the SOS menu; technical support engineers could guide to troubleshooting with a common view of the machine.

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