Gravity Die Casting Machine

Gravity Die Casting Machine

Key Benefits


50 models to choose from


Gauss gravity die casting machines are classed as follows:

  • Die horizontal opening machines
  • Die vertical opening machines
  • 0/90° tilting machine controlled by hydraulic servo-valve, gt cast-id series
  • 0/120° tilting machine controlled by servomotor, gt cast-el series

All machines differ in terms of:

  • Plate size (up to 1200x200)
  • Number of dies per machine

Since 1967, given the continuous change in technical requirements, Gauss has developed more than 50 types of machines for different dies.

Gravity die casting machines can be supplied in fully automated solutions: carousel, linear cell or flexible cell. The Casting cells can be fully automated with Italpresse Gauss gantries or anthropomorphic robots and supplied with pre-finishing devices.