ECO-FIT Mode is the smart system specially designed to save energy by up to 50%

Available on the entire machine range, ECO-FIT Mode reduces electricity consumption by up to 50%.

It consists in a smart system to manage and control the pumps:

  • Flow rate and pressure request are compared in real time with the values measured in order to minimize the flow waste

  • The maximum hydraulic efficiency  is achieved reducing the motor speed at the minimum acceptable for the right dynamic and pressure requested

  • The automatic variation of the speed is combined with the reduction of the pressure in the circuit to obtain a  total drastic reduction of the consumption per cycle

  • It can be retrofitted on existing machines  as an easy upgrade

ECO-FIT Mode Plus combines the features of ECO-FIT Mode with the advantage of a single-stage pump and a low-inertia motor with encoder feedback increasing energy savings to up to 60%.

Available for machine sizes up to TF1650 and IPr1450.