Diagnostics, Control and Monitoring

HMe is the user-friendly system developed by Italpresse Gauss for the supervision and control of machines.

HMe is a powerful and smart tool for machine supervision and real-time storage of large amounts of data with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

HMe is powered by Wonderware, the global leading brand by Schneider Electric for industrial software including HMe and SCADA, the application is installed on an industrial PC with Windows 7.

The system keeps the same hardware as before:

  • PLC SIEMENS 7 with remote I/O for a simpler and easy to maintain unit
  • Safety is managed with Pilz Pnoz Multi, connected to PLC by Profibus.

It has a very user friendly system with: 

  • A greater focus on relevant information
  • A new page layout
  • New colours and improved position of the icons, to focus on useful information
  • Intuitive and simple steps for moving from a general browsing to a detailed one, with all information at a glance