Equipment Modernisation

Italpresse Gauss machines last a long time and keep their value thanks to their solid and heavy structure, compact design, the particular care in processing, the ease of use without sacrificing technological levels and the high quality raw materials and components. This makes second-hand machines highly sought after items which immediately find a buyer. Despite continuous presence on the market for almost 50 years, Italpresse Gauss technology is notoriously difficult to find on the second-hand market.

Reconditioning: Give your machine a new life

Italpresse Gauss overhauls its machines returning them to contemporary quality standards, often retrofitting new devices, replacing old parts with new components where necessary.

Our equipment modernisation provides an excellent value for money return on investment as we overhaul the original equipment and give the machine a second production life.

The equipment overhaul process follows simple steps:

  1. Total disassembling of the machine
  2. Complete cleaning of every part
  3. Detailed check, maintenance and replacement of the following components
  4. Chrome-plating, grinding and re-chrome plating
  5. Retrofitting, update on request
  6. Machine painting
  7. Start up
  8. Final test