Servicing and re-conditioning solutions for optimal performance

Expert servicing, remarkable results

In addition to the wide range of remote and on-site technical support services available to Italpresse Gauss customers, we provide a suite of service packages and re-conditioning services guaranteed to help you MAINTAIN your Italpresse Gauss die casting equipment for ‘good as new’ performance, optimal efficiency and super productivity.

Service packages

Actualizaciones de máquinas y ventajas de los programas de modernización de equipos (EMP)

Podemos modernizar y actualizar sus máquinas de fundición a alta presión, fundición por gravedad y fundición a baja presión para:

  • Ampliar la vida útil de su equipo de fundición a presión
  • Aumentar la capacidad de producción
  • Mejorar la eficacia 
  • Mejorar la funcionalidad de la máquina 
  • Mantener su máquina de fundición a presión a la última

Machine re-conditioning services

Our specialist team will revitalise your die casting machine, unlocking initial levels of production performance and extending production life.

Each reconditioning project is tailored to the specific die casting machine in line with your needs and can include multiple machines at a time to provide the best results for each manufacturing set-up.

Reconditioning is configured to make the most of the engineering and performance characteristics of Italpresse Gauss die casting machines which always feature compact design, solid structure, quality of materials and components, ease of use and reliable performance.

Benefits of the re-conditioning service include:

‘As new’ performance – increased production efficiency, output and profitability
Extended equipment lifetime – a cost effective alternative to buying new equipment
State-of-the-art electrical and hydraulic component upgrades
Implementation of HMe can help visualise process and critical machine data via a simple dashboard