Specialist support and maintenance services at your side

With a strong global network of trained service technicians and strategically located spare parts warehouses, we can service and optimise die casting machines to ensure stable manufacturing and maximum machine uptime.

Our services include:

  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Onsite services
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Machine reconditioning
  • Retrofits and machine upgrades
  • Spare and wear parts
  • Training

Expert services that keep you casting

Our teams of specialist engineers and technicians, located in Europe, China and North America provide prompt, professional and friendly aftersales services to ensure optimum performance and reliability of our die casting machines, helping you achieve your daily output targets.

Remote support with remote access

All our high pressure die casting machines installed in 2014 and onwards, come with remote gateway feature as standard. Remote gateway or remote access allows our experienced technicians to connect directly to your equipment and gain access to the PLC and control panel. The remote access is extremely safe with double authentication and VPN connection enabled by request only.

The remote support allows the Italpresse Gauss technician to conduct troubleshooting, diagnostics, software modifications and upgrades. Remote services can be done without any interruption to your daily operations so you can keep casting. The remote gateway can be easily retrofitted on already installed machines.

High pressure die casting machines equipped with HMe, allow access to the human interface, enabling Italpresse's expert technician to analyse the collected data for faster troubleshooting.

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Remote support with AMe

A powerful app for live remote maintenance and service assistance. The augmented reality AMe app enables you to trouble-shoot via a live video connection with an Italpresse Gauss expert. It also enables you to access drawings and machine documentation and to follow maintenance guides on screen – all via a tablet, it's so easy to use.

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Onsite support

Our teams of specialist engineers and technicians can provide prompt onsite support to troubleshoot problems, modify software, install spare parts, upgrade your equipment and carry out many other customised services.

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Die casting machine reconditioning service

Unlock initial levels of production performance and extend your production life with our reconditioning service. Reconditioning service is tailored to the specific high pressure die casting machine in line with your needs and can help you increase production efficiency, output and profitability.

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Equipment Modernisation Programme (EMP)

We can audit, modernise and upgrade any Italpresse Gauss die casting machine. Whether you're looking for a software upgrade to achieve higher cycle times or electrical upgrade to reduce energy consumption, we have a range of EMP programmes to help with your production challenges.

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Spare and wear parts installation

Our global teams of qualified technicians can help you install spare and wear parts on Italpresse Gauss die casting machines, ensuring your equipment is up and running as soon as possible.

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We provide expert technical training courses to help maintenance teams operate the Italpresse Gauss die casting equipment at optimum performance. Additional services, such as 'Assistance for manufacturing and production processes' to support you with the management and use of our systems are also available on request. Specialist training courses can be conducted at your site for your convinience, or at the Italpresse Gauss headquarters in Capriano del Colle, Italy.  Talk to us about your training requirements and we will arrange a course tailored specifically to your needs.

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Contact our service team directly

For high pressure die casting services: 

T: +39 0309749500

E: service@italpressegauss.com

For gravity or low pressure die casting services:

T: +39 0309749500

E: gauss-service@italpressegauss.com

Digital services:

 E: digital@italpressegauss.com