ECO-FIT: energy saving solutions for high pressure and gravity die casting.

ECO-FIT unlocks energy savings of up to 50% by optimising the controls of the hydraulic pumps on die casting equipment. It can be retrofitted too.

The ECO-FIT Mode reduces energy consumption by up to 50%. ECO-FIT is a smart system designed to regulate hydraulic pumps within the hardware to reduce energy consumption. 

Benefits and features of the ECO-FIT system:

  • Flow rate and pressure request are compared in real time with the values measured to minimize the flow waste
  • The maximum hydraulic efficiency is achieved by reducing the motor speed at the minimum rate that is acceptable for the right dynamic and pressure requested
  • The automatic variation of the speed is combined with the reduction of the pressure in the circuit to obtain a total drastic reduction of the consumption per cycle
  • It can be retrofitted on existing HPDC and GDC machines.

ECO-FIT Mode Plus combines the features of ECO-FIT Mode with the advantage of a single-stage pump and a low-inertia motor with encoder feedback increasing energy savings to up to 60%ECO-FIT Plus is available for high pressure die casting machines of sizes up to TF1650 for toggle free machines and IPr1450 for Three Platen Machines with Toggle.

We have received very positive feedback on the ECO-FIT Mode and ECO-FIT Plus installations carried out so far. Energy efficiency has clearly moved up the agenda with our customers and it will remain an important part of our research and development efforts.

HPDC Electronic & Software Engineering Team

Upgrade your machine with ECO-FIT or ECO-FIT Plus

Both ECO-FIT Mode and ECO-FIT Plus can be retrofitted on existing machines. The investment into ECO-FIT Mode or ECO-FIT Plus usually pays off within 12 months (based on an average energy use of the machine and electricity cost of € 0.15 kWh).

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