HMe: A user-friendly machine control system with advanced data management and diagnostics capabilities that unlocks Industry 4.0 possibilities for the die casting process.

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HMe offers real-time storage and powerful analysis of machine and process data, as well as the integration of peripheral and mobile devices. It opens up the possibility of controlling the whole die casting process holistically through a single user interface – and even access this user interface remotely.

HMe is built on Microsoft Windows, which means it is easy to install and offers all the connectivity capabilities embedded in the Windows operating system, including the use of cloud computing and storage. The user interface was designed to visualize critical machine and process data in a highly accessible way in instantly understandable dashboards.

The exact positioning, color-coding and arrangement of icons and buttons was optimized throughout the development and deployment of HMe, to focus the user’s attention on the most useful, most relevant information. The new HMe is based on a technology platform from Wonderware, the global leading industrial software brand by Schneider Electric. The platform allows the easy integration of peripheral devices, enabling the monitoring of whole processes directly from a single control panel.

Hardware details: 

  • PLC SIEMENS 7 with remote I/O for a simpler and easy to maintain unit
  • Safety is managed with Pilz Pnoz Multi, connected to PLC by Profibus

We wanted to create a powerful, next-generation control system for our high-end die casting equipment. A system that would improve the human-machine interface while also unlocking new possibilities presented by digital technologies in the context of Industry 4.0. Working closely with Wonderware, we have been able to develop HMe as a powerful tool to future-proof our customers’ operations and give them access to never-before-seen process control and reliability.

HPDC Electronic & Software Engineering Team

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This video will also show you how HMe and AMe work together to provide greater value to our customers

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HMe is supplied as standard with our high pressure die casting machines: 

Машины литья под давлением с двумя плитами без коленно-рычажного узла (TF)

Серия машин литья под давлением без коленно-рычажного узла (TF) включает широкий ассортимент моделей с замыкающим усилием от 1000 до 5700 тонн. Наши машины литья под давлением без коленно-рычажного узла отличаются надежностью, прочностью и гибкостью.

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Машины литья под давлением IP и IPr с тремя плитами и коленно-рычажным узлом

Машины литья под давлением с тремя плитами и коленно-рычажным узлом серий IP и IPr доступны с замыкающим усилием от 550 до 4400 тонн. Наши машины литья под давлением серий IP и IPr отличаются прочностью, надежностью и гарантируют оптимальное время цикла для повышения вашей продуктивности.

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