Customised performance as standard: ItalPresseGauss evolves die casting with launch of Lean Modular Design


Highly configurable design

The new range of digitally enabled TF machines, previewed at this year’s EUROGUSS, will be modular by design, meaning they can be more easily configured to meet the exact requirements of each individual customer and easily readapted  should casting needs change. 
In fact, over 55 different configurations will be possible. With closing forces ranging from 1,400 to 11,000 tonnes, 6 types of injection, and at least 2 closing unit options for every machine size, foundries will always be able to specify their perfect match


Faster solutions, ready from the word ‘go’

As well as offering greater flexibility and, thanks to the giant closing forces available, the ability to cost-effectively cast bigger structural components in larger quantities, these next-gen machines have significant cost and futureproofing implications for customers.

Their modular configuration means we can ship the pre-tested, pre-certified modules quicker, at less cost, and assemble on location ensuring faster delivery and ‘right-first-time’ performance. All concepts we have tested in real life. What’s more, if casting needs change, so can the configuration of the machine readapting it with a new module. It’s Simple. That’s why we call it SmartPlatform.

“Sustainable Productivity” made simple

The new TF models, available as individual machines or supplied as part of a fully automated cell, are also designed for sustainable productivity. An absolute essential when more and more end-customers are making environmental performance part of contract scope. 
Lighter in weight and featuring ECO Fit as standard means TF technology  use less energy to build and operate. In fact, over the course of 10 years the carbon emissions saved is equivalent to taking 961 flights around the world. 
Meanwhile, features familiar on  the long time established  ItalPresseGauss TF technology all combine to deliver consistent high-quality castings and super low scrap rates. 
The hardest certified alloy steel platens in the industry, well equalized tie bar loads, a hydraulic locking system able to compensate for any geometrical imperfections of the die or thermal expansions, and a SC.4 shot end system with real time injection control, work in harmony to guarantee casting repeatability while also minimizing aluminium waste.  

Digitally enabled to drive efficiency 

All machines come installed with Norigate, gateway technology that collects, timestamps, and encrypts data from any machine it is connected to before sending it to the cloud. Together with ItalpresseGauss’ Monitizer solutions suite this unlocks a range of process optimizing capabilities to help die casters drive down scrap rates and energy consumption, and drive up profitability. 

Toggle Free made for today…and tomorrow

Mario added: “The launch of our leaner, greener, next generation of TF machines means we are going to be able to deliver best in class parts and solutions in less time, helping customers to increase productive time  and to adapt quickly to changing requirements. 
With many die casters diversifying or having to adapt parts and processes to meet new end-customer demands - especially linked to light-weighting and sustainability – this delivers a huge Value.”

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