TF Toggle Free HPDC Machines

from 1400t to 11000t

Why choosing IPG Toggle Free Machines?

Key Benefits

Powerful closing forces in less space, using less energy

NEW modular design for customised configuration

New SC.4 shot end with real time injection control for absolute precision

Consistent casting quality, reduced scrap

Toggle Free Machines

Available as individual machines or supplied as part of a fully automated, integrated cell, ItalPresseGauss’ digitally enabled TF machines make consistent casting quality simple.

Our TF machines optimize every aspect of casting, from minimizing maintenance and space requirements to improving shot accuracy and die closure


Our machines are ideal for a diverse complex casting production and when the die is frequently changed. Some applications include:

Automotive parts:  structural parts (battery housing, car roof, shot tower, pillars), Engine blocks, gearboxes, oil sumps, engine support,

Other industries: 5G, radiators for household heating, escalator steps, chassis and components for electronic devices, telecommunication components, household appliances, electric motors

TF Toggle Free Die Casting Machines

Reliable, consistent, efficient: high-quality aluminium casting tailored to you

The technology you trust…


• NEW modular design wide configurability options including closing force from 1400t to 11000t and 6 sizes of injection
• NEW designed Injection SC4 – increase of the dynamic force = better performance (with easier access for maintenance)
Possible application of a speed configuration which can reach 11m s (Dry Cycle- No metal)
• Designed for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE); Smaller footprint, Less weight, Reduced maintenance, Lower downtime


• High machine rigidity and high platen hardness for optimal die closing
• Sustainable solution, less CO2 emission during construction and during production cycle
• We are experts, pioneers of TF technology with proven TF installations throughout the world since 2008
• Also supplied as part of a fully automated cell solution within in house automation
• Fully digitally enabled for IIoT connectivity to start your digital journey with Monitizer


Customisation as standard» to fit your needs

Customisation through configurability, “customisation as standard” means the right configurability to fit your needs 

ItalPresseGauss’ new generation of TF machines are also modular by design making them more flexible, giving you more choice.

With more than 55 different configurations of closing and injection options possible, we’ll configure your perfect match TF machine:

In the 12 sizes from 1400 t to 11000 t closing force you can choose more than 55 different optimized configurations 
Optionability: up to 6 different types of injection and two version of closing unit for each module in the range from 1400t to 11000t

And each core module is pre-tested and pre-certified for performance – we’ll install it directly at your site. Fast. No need for pre-builds, we now skip avoidable steps, you get the machine you need, faster. A key competitive advantage. 

Built to save more than money 


Our TF machines are lighter. Less metal and less weight, means fewer carbon emissions during their construction. What’s more, because they are lighter to operate the CO2 savings continue.

Their weight, coupled with the fact that all our new generation TF machines come fitted with ECO FIT as standard, means significantly less energy is consumed during production cycles.



A solid approach to scrap reduction

What happens when you combine a rigidly constructed closing unit, the hardest certified alloy steel platens in the industry, well equalized tie bar loads, closing forces up to 11,000 tonnes, and a hydraulic locking system able to compensate for any geometrical imperfections of the die or thermal expansions? Rock-steady production, minimised die distortion and super low scrap rates.

Rock-steady production, minimized die distortion and low scrap rates. 

Read here how MOPS PRESS sees scrap rates drop with TF

Powerful shot precision for ultimate repeatability

All our TF machines feature a SC.4 shot end system with real time injection control. All you need to do is chose which of our 6 options - ranging in speed, force and stroke - best suits your needs.

Whichever you pick, the shot control software used will always react quickly to real-time data on melt flow into the die, adjusting the speed of the piston as required to guarantee uniform casting quality. The system is also designed to minimize maintenance requirements for increased machine uptime.

Digitally enabled to deliver more benefits

Monitizer Icon

Want our expert engineering team to remotely examine your machine’s control system, install an upgrade, or take a look at a real-time video stream of a technical issue? No problem.

Our machines are digitally enabled to support this and come installed with Norigate, gateway technology that collects, timestamps, and encrypts data from any machine it is connected to before sending it to the cloud. Together with our Monitizer solutions suite, this unlocks a range of process optimizing capabilities to help you reduce scrap, improve productivity and increase profit.


Lower total cost of ownership

Lighter weight components = forceful closure that consumes less energy.

Modular configuration = shorter lead times on parts and complete solutions, and the ability to quickly reconfigure in response to changing market demands.

Digitally enabled = process optimisation and less scrap.

Durable parts designed to minimise maintenance = increased uptime.

It all adds up to one thing. Lower total cost of ownership for increased productivity.

Meet our HPDC Giants: Perfect for large structural casting

Searching for a solution to cast large structural parts efficiently and reliably?

Then take a look at our digitally enabled TF giants. With huge platens, closing forces between 5,700 and 11,000 tonnes, and a surprisingly lean footprint, these massive machines provide a cost-effective solution to casting bigger structural components, in larger quantities. Efficiently and reliably.

Gain a ‘giant’ advantage

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