TF Toggle Free HPDC Die Casting Machines

TF Two Platen Toggle Free Die Casting Machines

Key Benefits

Closing force from 1000 to 5700 tonnes

Two platen toggle free machine

SC 3.0 shot end system for absolute injection precision and speed

Compensates for geometrical imperfection of the die and its thermal expansion, making it extremely flexible

Key features

The TF toggle free die casting machines are reliable, rigid and flexible.

Reliable: the absence of the connecting rod system and the reaction platen makes the structure leaner, reducing the number of wear parts. 

Rigid: the bigger and shorter tie bars make the machine extremely rigid, ensuring greater die closure for improved casting quality and minimal scrap rate.

Flexible: thanks to 4 independent nuts, the TF die casting machine is able to compensate for geometrical imperfection of the die and its thermal expansion, adapting to different working conditions. 

Compact:  reduced footprint with the same closing force as the die casting machines with toggle.

Quality: high quality machine construction, made of forged or cast steel platen with coating to increase hardness, and special steel alloy tie bars.

Precise: equipped with SC 3.0 shot end system to maintain absolute consistency and repeatability of the shot, ensuring highest quality of the casting.

The TF die casting machine can be supplied as an automated solution: a fully automated cell that integrates all peripheral devices, from the furnace to automatic deburring with pieces ready for machining.


Toggle free high pressure die casting machines are ideal for a diverse complex casting production and when the die is frequently changed.

Some applications include:

Automotive parts: Engine blocks, gearboxes, oil sumps, engine support, structural parts (battery housing, car roof, shot tower, pillars).

Other industries: Radiators for household heating, escalator steps, chassis and components for electronic devices, telecommunication components, household appliances, electric motors.

Our Toggle Free series offers the latest technology in high pressure die casting and is ideal for foundries looking for reliable and efficient production of high quality aluminium castings.

The TF series of toggle free die casting machines includes a wide range of models with closing forces from 1000 to 5700 tonnes.

The TF two platen die casting machines are compact, flexible and extremely efficient. The hydraulically driven closing force keeps the machine steady, ensuring more precise closure of the die, minimising scrap rate and ensuring highest quality of the casting.

Discover our TF5700

Our biggest TF machine installed to date..more to come

Flexible and solid for greater productivity

  • TF's high repeatability increases your plant's productivity and reduces scrap rate.
  • Thanks to 4 independent nuts, the TF die casting machine is able to compensate for geometrical imperfection of the die and its thermal expansion, adapting to different working conditions. 
  • Enhanced hydraulic system provides greater reliability and uptime at your site. Rock-steady, rigid and solid performance ensures consistent production and on-time delivery of high quality castings to your customers.
  • Reduced footprint with the same closing force as the  toggle machines ensures optimisation of space at your foundry.

Reliable and LEAN for optimal performance

  • The leaner structure of the machine reduces wear on parts which leads to reduced maintenance costs and increased uptime. 
  • Our friendly and reliable support services, operator training and foundry technology service agreements will help you optimise your productivity and performance.
  • Our control system and easy to use operator panel comply with the latest standards minimising complexity, and ensure the highest precision.

Supplied with HMe

All HPDC (high pressure die casting) machines are supplied with HMe, a machine control system with advanced data management and diagnostics capabilities. HMe offers real-time storage and powerful analysis of machine and process data, as well as the integration of peripheral and mobile devices. It opens up the possibility of controlling the whole die casting process holistically through a single user interface.

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Quality and solid reliability as standard

Our TF machines are built using forged or cast platens made of only certified alloy steel to ensure absolute quality. All our platens have additional coating for increased hardness, greater resistance to wear and to prevent lubricant damage.

Tie bars are made of special steel with a rolling thread - state of the art technology for higher tie bar strength.

Absolute injection precision

Equipped with the SC 3.0  shot end that ensures: 

  • Maximum consistency and repeatability in the different shot stages which guarantees uniform casting quality.
  • Increased reliability of the injection: the use of flexible pipes avoids breakages that might occur during high pressure peaks.
  • Easier access to parts of the injection system that requires maintenance, this ensures a LEAN maintenance process and increased machine uptime.

Efficiency all round

Rigid construction of the Closing Unit secures better closing of the die to reduce scrap rates and flash.

A quicker die change is made possible with the tie bars automatic removal option to allow more comfortable and LEAN die change. 



The control system is tailored to your needs. It is based on a standard Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC with software specifically designed for die casting. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to operate and upgrade as it is made of standard control components that offer reliability and availability of supply.

5700t closing force for premium carmaker

TF5700: Not just a smart new look

Not just a Smart new look...for a Leaner machine

Because the new TF5700 comes fully digitally enabled, it doesn’t just look smart. It is Smarter. Primed for advanced use of data and ready to connect with your specific systems – and of course to our digital solutions – the TF5700 delivers much more than Massive closing forces in a Leaner shape...for Maximum benefit with Minimum footprint.

Lightweight construction and electric vehicles are driving the demand for ever bigger castings – structural components and battery housings, for example. Die casting machine sizes have to keep up with that. The market’s responded very positively to it and we’re getting enquiries from around the world.” Marco Giegold, Area Sales Manager at Italpresse Gauss.

Find out more about our first TF5700 machine

Casting process in principle

Technical data

Technical data for medium TF die casting machines

Machine sizes: TF 1000 - TF 2150

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Medium size cold chamber toggle free die casting machines


Cold Chamber TF Series TF 1000 TF 1350 TF 1650 TF 1850  TF 2150 
Closing force kN 9810 13243 16186 18148 21090
Injection force (with 0/25 bar backpressure) kN 1015 / 892 1150 / 1011 1294 / 1137 1470 / 1298 1704 / 1505
Injection stroke mm 740 740 800 900 1000
Platens dimensions mm 1520 x 1520 1785 x 1785 1960 x 1960 2200 x 2200 2230 x 2260
Distance between tie-bars mm 950 x 950 1050 x 1050 1150 x 1150 1300 x 1300 1350 x 1350
Min. /Max . die height mm 550 / 1000 600 / 1040 700 / 1150 800 / 1210 900 / 1400
Max. moving platen stroke mm 1300 1400 1500 1650 1800
Ejection force kN 486 574 574 574 716
Central ejection stroke mm 200 240 255 280 300
Max. surface area (with pressure on metal 40 MPa) cm2 2450 3310 4040 4535 5270
Max. shot weight kg 19 21.8 23.6 26.5 37.8
Motor rating kW 55 2 x 37 2 x 37 2 x 55 2 x 55
Machine weight t 48.5 67 96 116 144.5
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) mm 9090 x 3460 x 3540 9225 x 4060 x 3750 9667 x 4320 x 4300 11120 x 4780 x 4690 11775 x 4930 x 4685

Subject to technical alterations

Technical data for large TF die casting machines

Machine sizes: TF 2500 - TF 5700

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Large size cold chamber toggle free die casting machines


Cold Chamber TF Series TF 2500 TF 2700 TF 3060 TF 3500 TF 4400 TF 5700
Closing force kN 24525 26487 30019 34335 43164 56000
Injection force (with 0/25 bar backpressure) kN 1704 / 1505 2135 / 1885 2135 / 1885 2818 / 2489 2818 / 2489 3320 / 3040
Injection stroke mm 1000 1250 1250 1250 1500 1600
Platens dimensions mm 2535 x 2535 2535 x 2535 2880 x 2880 3060 x 3060 3200 x 3200 3500 x 3500
Distance between tie-bars mm 1550 x 1550 1550 x 1550 1700 x 1700 1780 x 1780 1850 x 1850 2000 x 2000
Min. /Max . die height mm 900 / 1500 900 / 1800 1100 / 1650 1200 / 1800 1300 / 2000 1400 / 2400
Max. moving platen stroke mm 2000 2450 2000 2100 2500 3300
Ejection force kN 716 716 996 996 996 1196
Central ejection stroke mm 300 300 325 350 400 400
Max. surface area (with pressure on metal 40 MPa) cm2 6130 6620 7505 8585 10780 14000
Max. shot weight kg 42.4 59.1 59.1 65.4 78.5 110
Motor rating kW 2 x 75 2 x 90 2 x 110 2 x 110 2 x 160 2X160
Machine weight t 167 171 216 240 296 350
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) mm 12140 x 5000 x 4947 13611 x 5220 x 4910 14230 x 5400 x 5220 14780 x 5600 x 5830 16960 x 6000 x 5930 17700 x 6500 x 6300

Subject to technical alterations

The following features are available as options:


Achieve energy savings of up to 50% with our energy efficient ECO-FIT solutions. ECO-FIT and ECO-FIT Plus can be integrated into the HPDC and GDC machines to regulate the hydraulic pumps to reduce energy consumption, reduce hydraulic fluid temperatures and reduce noise levels. Both solutions deliver instant benefits. In addition to lower energy consumption, they also include a reduction of the hydraulic fluid temperature and a lower noise level. Both ECO-FIT Mode and ECO-FIT Plus can be retrofitted on existing machines.

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