Interview with Marco Gandini, Senior Vice President of Global Aluminum at Norican and Managing Director at ItalPresseGauss

Marco, thank you for speaking with us ahead of EUROGUSS 2024. What is it that you are most looking forward to about the show?

EUROGUSS holds a special place in the hearts of everyone at ItalPresseGauss .

As the largest event of its kind dedicated to die casting - taking place right here in Europe where we and many of our customers are based - it EUROGUSS really does present a hugely valuable opportunity for us to spend quality time with key contacts. 

It’s also a show that suits us in terms of its style. There’s a strong emphasis on ensuring that visitors don’t just get to “see new technology”, but rather that they get to learn about how new technologies and innovations really marry up with macro and micro trends affecting the industry. As an extremely customer-centric company this reflects how we do business. Clever technology is only clever when it solves a real-world challenge.

What do you see as the biggest of those real-world challenges right now?

Well, the biggest challenge is actually that we’re seeing an unprecedented convergence of factors. And together, these have created a somewhat unique landscape. 

You have the shift towards e-mobility. By 2035 all cars sold in the EU will need to have zero carbon emissions – with most manufacturers achieving this through electrification, e-fuel vehicles being the exception. All of which is of course part of global climate change efforts; efforts with increasingly tangible implications business including emissions measurement and reduction. More and more of the customers we work with are having to demonstrate their sustainability credentials to the manufacturers they serve. You also have increasing raw material and energy costs, plus a distinct skills shortage/recruitment issue in the die casting industry. 

What this all means is that die casters are faced with having to produce new types of parts, sustainably and cost effectively, using less resource (including human resource) to do so. BUT there is also an unprecedented amount of business out there that die casters can grab with both hands. Aluminium is huge, and so is the opportunity for growth because of this. Our job is to make that possible through the technology and services we provide.

What are the clever solutions from ItalPresseGauss that will help die casters seize this opportunity?

Our TF Smart Series High Pressure Die Casting machine is very relevant to today’s market conditions.

Firstly, it is easy to operate and incredibly flexible, with die casters able to choose the closing unit, closing force and injection system that suits their specific production needs. Whether that’s mass production of smaller electrical components or it is casting of the large structural components now essential to lightweighting electric vehicles.
With the TF Smart Series we offer the optimum solution configured to the production needs, across a wide range of closing forces combined with multiple choice of injection units; this means the most efficient and effective sizing of the die casting machine. 

 And, as you would expect from ItalPresseGauss, we can of course also supply as a fully integrated cell to match layout and production parameters; in this way the cycle time can be optimized and reduced to the minimum, maximizing the return of the investment with the best possible TCO. 

The TF Smart Series is also designed to be lighter and leaner to operate which saves energy. As does the fact it comes with ECO FIT as standard – a clever piece of technology that can effectively half energy consumption by optimising control of the die casting machine’s hydraulic pumps. 

What’s more, because features like even force distribution from the rigid closing unit and automated injection control all work together to improve both accuracy and consistency, our machines help die casters produce less scrap which means they use less energy and keep raw material costs down. 

ItalPresseGauss machines are built to last. What about die casters with existing equipment? How can you help them?

It’s a good question. And one we answer in a number of ways. For instance, by offering smart equipment upgrades - a good example being the ECO FIT solution I just mentioned which we’ve ensured can be deployed as a retrofit option so that die casters on older equipment don’t miss out. 

We also offer a wide range of training options, together with service and maintenance packages (including remote support services), to ensure our customers’ machines are always operating at their full potential. And that they avoid costly downtime. 

When the world around you is in flux and you are faced with keeping spend down, having he ability to plan can also make a huge difference. So, this is another area we’ve looked at in terms of how we can help.  Our ItalPresseGauss Parts Agreement is a good example. Our technicians look at customer needs in terms of their exact casting operation and suggest a package with the most appropriate spare parts they will need over the coming year. Prices and lead times for these are then fixed. Which basically means, faster parts, lower costs, and the ability to plan more effectively for essential maintenance. 

Additionally, of course, we have a wide range of digital solutions that are absolutely geared towards helping die casters be leaner, greener and more productive. 

Presumably visitors to EUROGUSS will also be able explore these digital opportunities with you?

Definitely. And I think what we can offer is more relevant than ever before. Digitization is one of those terms that has been around for quite a while. But I think that convergence of factors I talked about earlier now means die casters are able to put a lot more context to the concept. They can really see how it will help. 

Take our Monitizer | DISCOVER. By visualising data collected from the entire casting process, our customers can quickly spot where process adjustments are needed to produce more good parts, faster and with less downtime. Or at a glance, identify factors affecting cycle times and live production targets. You can’t improve what you don’t know. DISCOVER solves this with real time data presented in meaningful, digestible ways. 
With Monitizer | PRESCRIBE we take things a step further. Leveraging AI technology, PRESCRIBE learns which process parameters produce the best casting quality, and which adjustments have the biggest (and fastest!) impact on scrap reduction. It then automates control adjustments to achieve optimal results. As part of a continuous process. 

The results are lower production costs, lower energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and higher productivity. All of which loop back to that complex mix of challenges modern die casters are facing. 
With Monitizer | PRESCRIBE we are able to digitalize the process know-how, and the AI based platform will help make decisions to improve the casting process, supporting also less experienced process engineers to make the right ones.

At EUROGUSS we’ll have a range of displays and digital demonstrations to show die casters exactly what’s possible. 


Thank you Marco.