MOPS PRESS sees scrap rates drop with Toggle Free technology from ItalPresseGauss

Leading aluminium pressure casting specialist MOPS PRESS has seen scrap rates decrease by 2% and a noticeable improvement in productivity, thanks to two new Toggle Free (TF) die casting machines from ItalPresseGauss. 

Based in Slovakia, MOPS PRESS serves both domestic and international markets focussing predominantly on the casting of high-performance aluminium components for automotive, as well as parts for the electronics industry and consumer goods markets. 
Until recently, 28 die casting machines enabled the business to cast approximately 500 tons of aluminium every month. The addition of two new TF1350 SC high pressure die casting machines from ItalPresseGauss in October 2020 has helped MOPS PRESS increase this production volume and improve casting repeatability, resulting in the 2% scrap rate reduction.  


Meeting demand for larger structural parts

Crucially, the new machines are also enabling the business to meet growing demand for more sophisticated automotive castings.

Dr. Mauro Fassina,  Al-Tech. Sales Manager Europe-East from ItalPresseGauss, commented: “We’ve been working in partnership with MOPS PRESS for around 3 years now, during which time they have seen a noticeable surge in demand for larger structural components that require extreme casting consistency and precision to meet the quality and performance expected.

Machines from our TF range provided the perfect solution. In addition to delivering absolutely accuracy thanks to the SC 3.0 shot end system used, the hydraulically driven closing force these machines deliver provides greater stability as the die is closed. The precision achieved through this is ideal for meeting high quality requirements and for minimizing scrap rates – a benefit MOPS PRESS has already witnessed in just a few months".

“I know the MOPS team has also noticed that a great deal of time is being saved thanks to how quickly different dies can be swapped out and clamped in, another feature adding to improved productivity and one particularly relevant to die casters producing varied automotive parts”.

Digitally driven productivity, made simple

It is not just the physical capabilities of the new TF die casting machines that have impressed MOPS PRESS. The company is firmly focused on embracing digital technologies, in particular those which make life easier and support the automation of production process – always with quality and consistency in mind.

Mauro continued: “We received some great feedback from MOPS in terms of the speed and ease of installation and integration with peripheral devices, the training we provided, and of course the equipment performance. But perhaps one of the best things to hear was also how intuitive the operators there are finding the HMe control system, particularly with regards to parameter setting and monitoring.

HMe - installed on all ItalPresseGauss high pressure die casting machines - offers advanced data management and diagnostics while also presenting the opportunity for die casters to integrate and analyze data from peripheral equipment and devices. This delivers greater control over the whole casting process.

"This ‘ease of use’ MOPS have mentioned is really important to us. When we say we offer ‘Comfortable Casting’ we really mean it, so it’s great to hear that the digital capabilities we are building into our solutions are making life much simpler on the production floor while also helping to meet some very sophisticated requirements.”

Mauro Fassina, Sales Manager, ItalPresseGauss