Monitizer | DISCOVER

Complete die casting data at your fingertips

Monitizer | DISCOVER allows you to access and visualise live and historical performance/operating data from your die casting machine, and from any other connected device including non-Norican technology. 
In other words, it gives you a complete overview of your casting data. All on one platform. Accessible from any screen, tablet or mobile device.


How it works:

DISCOVER includes pre-built dashboards for initial insights and user-friendly tools to create custom views. A NoriGate gateway devices securely collect your production data in a centralized platform, enabling real-time reports from anywhere.

Our support team offers comprehensive assistance, including on-site visits, remote consultancy, and guidance on configuring process alarms. We help you choose the best data sources, combine and visualize data, and revolutionize your production process.

Dashboards that deliver business benefit:

We’ve ensured Monitizer | DISCOVER is both simple to use and tailorable to your specific needs.

Data analysis widgets and easy-to-digest dashboards – customizable to monitor and present the KPIs that matter to you - make casts completely traceable, and troubleshooting performance-improving adjustments, simple.


Unlocking a lot of opportunity:

  • Instant insight: discover how to improve production, compare site performance
  • Transparent production: monitor and improve equipment utilisation
  • Efficient troubleshooting: fix problems quickly, prevent stoppages and defects
  • Instant notifications: monitor your equipment 24/7 and get instant notifications of alarms or emergencies

Watch the below videos to understand what you can achieve:

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Understand and improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Want to produce more good parts, faster, with less downtime?

Then you need our OEE dashboard.  With it you can track process times (availability), casts produced (efficiency) and the % of good casts produced (quality) in real time and over time - based on targets set by you - to see when and where issues have occurred and therefore where best to focus corrective action. 

Use Cycle Time Statistics for improved production traceability

If you can quickly identify factors that impact cycle times, you know the measures needed to improve casting efficiency. Which is why we created our Cycle Time dashboard. 

It presents cycle times and trends by specific casting phase, alongside the settings and parameters associated with those injections. Exactly the process transparency you need for effective troubleshooting. 


Get real time Production Overview data to track progress and opportunities

This dashboard is all about checking you are on track with production. And if not, understanding why not. 

It allows you to track cast parts produced by type, per hour and per batch, to easily spot if/when you have any waste casts or if processes have slowed and understand why that might be. You will have an accurate picture of production rates in line with target performance and be alerted any time a line/cell is not meeting its full potential. 


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