Monitizer | PRESCRIBE

Use AI to see your scrap rates drop. Optimal die casting processes. At all times.

Monitizer®│PRESCRIBE is an AI-as-a-service solution which analyses both historic and live die casting data to proactively prescribe control adjustments that significantly reduce scrap. By on average 40%. 

Here’s how it works. 

The fastest way to ‘better’.

Essentially it learns what works to achieve the best results - for every process in your die casting foundry - and makes sure you keep doing it. To help prevent defects, reduce waste, improve productivity and increase profit. Simple. 

And it keeps on learning. So even though conditions and materials vary, it still knows what to do to ensure your process stays stable and produces the highest quality castings. At all times.

As well as linking process parameters with quality outcomes, Monitizer®│PRESCRIBE ranks and prioritizes those process parameters that have the biggest impact on scrap.

Helping you to:

    • Lower your scrap rates – and all associated production costs (staff time, energy, materials)
    • Cut your carbon footprint – you’ll waste less energy on remelting/reworking, and waste less raw material.
    • Increase profit though quality: with less scrap you’ll increase production capacity, maximise process tolerances and lower operating costs, for improved productivity and profitability. 

    You don’t need data scientists. Or new computer hardware. And the service is quick to deploy. All of which means you’ll see results like these, fast.   

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