HMe: A user-friendly machine control system with advanced data management and diagnostics capabilities that unlocks Industry 4.0 possibilities for the die casting process.

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Your Monitizer® journey starts with HMe. With it, individual foundries can collect data from die casting equipment, then visualise it to
understand processes and inform improvements.

HMe offers real-time on promise storage and powerful analysis of machine and process data. HMe is built on Microsoft Windows, which
means it is easy to install and offers all the connectivity capabilities embedded in the Windows operating system. The user interface was
designed to visualize critical machine and process data in a highly accessible way in instantly understandable dashboards.

The exact positioning, color-coding and arrangement of icons and buttons was optimized throughout the development and deployment of
HMe, to focus the user’s attention on the most useful, most relevant information.

We wanted to create a powerful, next-generation control system for our high-end die casting equipment. A system that would improve the human-machine interface while also unlocking new possibilities presented by digital technologies in the context of Industry 4.0. Working closely with Wonderware, we have been able to develop HMe as a powerful tool to future-proof our customers’ operations and give them access to never-before-seen process control and reliability.

HPDC Electronic & Software Engineering Team

Enlarge the images below to see some of the die casting data available on the HMe dashboard

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HMe is supplied as standard with our high pressure die casting machines: 

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