ECOFIT: Helping you use up to 50% less energy.

DID YOU KNOW: That in a typical auto-cell, most of the energy is consumed by the die casting machine?

Up to 32% in fact. Using ECOFIT could halve that.  

ECOFIT reduces energy consumption during the high pressure die casting process by making sure your machine’s hydraulic efficiency is optimized. It does this by reducing the motor speed to the minimum required for delivering the optimum pressure needed. In real time. At all times. 


For example, an IPG TF2700 machine running 2 shifts per day for 250 working days per year would: 

  • Use up to 50% less energy 
  • See an ROI in 6-12 months
  • Save 136 CO2 tons in 1 year

Better for your profits. Better for your new business prospects. Better for our planet.

Upgrade your machine with ECOFIT

ECOFIT can be retrofitted on existing machines. The investment into ECOFIT usually pays off within 12 months (based on an average energy use of the machine and electricity cost of € 0.15 kWh).

So what are you waiting for? Talk to us today about unlocking the energy saving potential of your die casting machine!

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We have received very positive feedback on the ECOFIT installations carried out so far. Energy efficiency has clearly moved up the agenda with our customers and it will remain an important part of our research and development efforts.

HPDC Electronic & Software Engineering Team

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