What is high pressure die casting (HPDC)?

How does the high pressure die casting process work?

In a high pressure die casting process, molten metal or metal alloy is injected at high speed and high pressure into the mould.

Horizontal high pressure die casting machines ensure the die closes completely. These are rated by how much closing force they can apply and, for Italpresse Gauss machines, that can range from 550 to 5700 tonnes.  

Depending on the metal being used, the injection unit that fills the mould can either be hot chamber or cold chamber. In hot chamber die casting, the metal is held within the diecasting machine itself, then drawn into the chamber and forced into the mould by the injection piston. These parts of the machine are in constant contact with the molten metal.

In cold chamber process the metal is first melted in a separate furnace and transferred to a holding furnace, then poured into a shot sleeve and injected into the mould. Italpresse Gauss offers a wide range of cold chamber high pressure die casting machines.

Advantages of the high pressure die casting process

High pressure die casting technology can produce very large light alloy parts, in high volumes and great speeds.

These machines deliver light alloy parts with high precision, superior surface finish, excellent uniformity and optimum mechanical properties.

The high pressure die casting process can also produce components with thin walls and "co-cast” parts with different types of inserts, such as screws and liners, that then become an integral part of the product itself.


Cold chamber high pressure die casting technology is ideal for production of a diverse range of aluminium and magnesium automotive castings such as engine blocks, gearbox casings, oil sumps, engine mounts and structural parts like cross-car beams.

It is widely used in other sectors to manufacture components in applications that range from the simplest – a lighting component – to the most demanding, such as aerospace engine parts.

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Automation cells for die casting

Flexible, fully automated work cells for light alloy casting production. We engineer automated work cells for three die casting processes: high pressure die casting, gravity die casting and low pressure die casting.