Take advantage of our exclusive offers on OEM spare parts!

Having to replace parts on any die casting machine is inevitable, making quick and easy access to OEM spare/ware parts essential. Given this necessity, wouldn’t it be great if you had more control over availability and cost? We think so.


You know the spare parts your machines need most? So tell us and we’ll keep them in stock for you at our warehouse. We’ll also lock in the price of those parts for the duration of the stock agreement. It’s a simple idea that offers a number of important benefits: 
  • Guaranteed Availability: You’ll have immediate access to what you need. When you need it.
  • Production Stability: No wait for crucial spare parts means no disruption to your production.
  • Cost Control: No risk of costly delays and a guaranteed price lock makes budget planning easier. 
And all you need to do to benefit is agree to purchase stock remining at the end of the agreement (which are the already the parts you’ve told us you’ll need).  


When you place a spare parts order with IPG, you can also now benefit from our reward scheme – giving you a progressive percentage discount tailored to your total purchase amount. 

The more parts you order in one go, the bigger the discount you’ll get. 

  • This isn’t a potential future discount
  • It isn’t bonus credit you have to spend with us 
  • It is a discount applied at time-of-purchase (you’ll see it on your invoice!)

Contact us at 0309749500 (option 2) to learn more, or send us an email at parts@italpressegauss.com.

Alternatively, if you prefer, fill out the form below: